Boneheads Series 1: Wolf Skull w/ Articulated Jaw - via 3DKitbash.com

by 3DKitbash Apr 12, 2015
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Do you offer the stl in just two parts for people with larger printers?

Are they really supposed to be printed without support?

Because simplify3d would generate support within the skull which can't be removed easily afterwards...

When I printed the raven skull I deliberately undersized the pins to ensure they'd fit. Having printed this with the same shrink factor I feel confident in saying the pins are definitely too large.

I literally just got an account on Thingiverse just to say how amazing this is. I haven't printed the Raven skull yet, but it looks amazing as well. Great job!

I love the way this look but I haven't been able to get a successful print on my replicatpr 2. Acoording to makerbot's print preview on layer 130 of the main skull part, right where it starts to print the inner space of the skull, it's trying to print a base without any support. I've been trying to rise the infill, but up to 20% still don't do the trick, and beyond that it becomes a real filament waster. Any advice?

Hi Empiezaconz,
Hmmm... This is the first I've heard of this so I'll need to test but I'm about to be on road for a week (leave in 3 hrs) so I'll check it out on arrival. ...For the record though, I test with these settings on my Rep 2: Infil: 7% - Nozzle Temp: 225c - Layer Height .2mm ...and everything works well. ...But I will def' check this out on my return. I may go on and jump it up to better match our Boneheads Series 2 models. ...They have a single piece jaw that is way easier to deal with. I'm not a fan of those half-width 3DK Pins. ...and I'm the goof that made them. :D

What scale is this model to actual size? I can't find any reference to this anywhere on your site?

Hi Dick, Oops... I should have said that somewhere. - The skull is about 125mm / 5in in length. ...While you're at it, look us up on Instagram (@3DKitbash). We have the new Boneheads set images going up over the next couple weeks. ~Q

What's so patent pendable? the clips?

Hi DDW96, The clips (3DK Pins) are a component of our assembly system that is patent pending. - I looked at you bio here on Thingiverse and it looks as if the subject of Intellectual Property (and trying to protect it) may cross paths with your studies. If ever you want more in-depth thoughts from myself or Natalie, please reach out to us and we'll do all we can to help. ~Q

I love the skulls you make, and the free skulls you upload, and I'm sure I will see more of patents in my studies/career in the future, its just that I don't think you should be allowed to patent a 3d model or connection system made out of 3d printed parts, it's just geometry.

I just really like to know what exactly is so patend pending about the clips, I hope you can give me a clear answer on this

thanks in advance.

I've got both parts of the jaw printed. They look nice. I do find the pins are really loose. Are they designed that way?

HI Cnorrick,
Sorry about the slow reply. I just got the new office setup and able to respond. - As for the clips: They should be snug. The design is intended for FDM printers in either ABS or PLA. Are you printing in either of these materials?

I printed them in PLA. I did a second batch of them with 100% infill and they are still loose. I'm not sure where it went wrong. I've printed a few of the gear objects like the heart and box that use pins and those seem fine. The clips do "snap" when inserted but they wiggle which makes the whole model wiggle. I'll use some epoxy to fix mine but I would like to know what went wrong. If you have any ideas let me know. Thanks.

Try scaling them up