Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Faceted Vase

by Rachella001 Apr 9, 2011
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Do you have this model in .stl or similar?

I've converted the model to .stl
Its, on my drive, if anything happens to the link, just send me an email, I will fix it.


Its not htere anymore

Works great! I printed your file at a scale of 20.

I'll probably post this in some other "things" comments as well. I'm wondering what you would suggest to seal a fdp 3d printed vessel like this to make sure it holds water a long time. Ill tell you why...

I am working on a bud vase like thing. Of course, it needs to hold water for a long period of time. The problem is, when I put my lips to the top and blow, air comes out somewhere very slowly - slow enough that you can't hear it, but quick enough that my cheeks lose inflation :)


Beautiful, can we have an STL file?

I have converted the .max into a 3ds/stl. If the OP gives the OK i'll add links to them.

please share the .stl thank u!

Done, hope that helps someone.

I found the best way to convert my max files is to export as a 3DS and then open in Sketchup and then export from there as an STL using a plugin.

Is there an easy way to create .stl files from max? I didn't see it as an export option.

You can export an .STL from max under "export" but not "export selected." It is right under .OBJ in the export dialog.