Settlers of Catan spare parts

by Erik Jul 4, 2009
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Can we buy parts from you? Having a difficult time finding the exact parts we need, and Mayfair Games is no help.

Not that hard. In blender you can do this:

  1. import the parts you want multiple copies of
  2. press, d, for duplicate, place them, keep some space around them so that skeinforge can use the tower feature to save time.
  3. add a cube, rescale it to be a membrane that touches the bottom of every object, just thinner than your layer height (
    gt; 0.1 mm).
  4. select all
  5. export
  6. skeinforge the STL. It will do all of the items in one go.

Ok, but unfortunately I am a complete disaster in Blender. :) I'm going to make a variation of this in OpenSCAD once I can figure out polyhedron.

I'm also going to rotate your city so it lays flat on the front instead of the bottom. I think it might come out a little cleaner on top if I do that, but it could because of my Skeinforge settings. I finished calibrating my device for 0.4mm layer height, but now it's doing something weird when it advances to the next level.

If it mostly vibrates and doesn't move up a layer smoothly, check if your Z axis runs easily and see if it works better with al lower Z-speed. In skeinforge, under "Speed", set "Max Z feed rate (mm/s)" to a lower value (e.g. 2). If that works better, gradually increase it so that layer changes are faster. At the same time, test to see if more current to the motor of the Z-stage helps (at the same time checking how warm it gets).

How hard would it be to make one STL file for each, but have it print multiple copies at a time to reduce setup times?

Now you just need Seafarers replacement pieces! :)

I think you read my mind yesterday. I was packaging the Catan set we have here and thinking how RepRapable these parts were.

...spare, yea right...

I don't think there is any reason to believe that the produced parts are for anything but use as a spare. Surely, they can be used to build your own copy of the game, but it isn't that hard to carve the pieces out of wood or use anything else for that matter as placeholders. If the submitter had also included a full deck of cards and tiles then I would be more skeptical.

If we extend the game we make it more valuable too. Think complementary, not just competitive. The game maker might even use extensions that are community designed and put them in the next version of their mainstream games, for example. Free innovation and free market research.

My family plays this nearly every night, and just yesterday we needed a few more settlements! How perfect for this to show up now!
(Or do I need to wear a tinfoil hat from here-on out?)

We play settlers as well! Great game! I'm looking at trying to create a "frame" or some other mount for the island hex shapes - we've found they tend to drift while playing the game unless you stack books around the edge...

Good idea. These edge pieces come with the 'pirates' extension of the game. The board gets even bigger, so there's a higher need for it then.
It could be a couple of hexagonal pieces with a few inward and outward puzzle pieces shapes.