Xiaomi Yi Gimbal Mount

by ahuddart Apr 14, 2015
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would you ever consider making a 3 axis version of this? would you be willing to upload a step or cad file of your design so i can make one?

Hi there...

Thank you very much for the Gimbal Parts.
I just wanted to ask if its possible to adjust the distance between the both long Mounting/screw "Holes" (of the Camera Holding enclosure) for the Pitch Motor ?
I have a Motor with 4 M2 Screws (Screw-Head diameter 4mm) and 8mm Distance between the middle of the holes.. Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your comment, I'll see If I can find the original CAD files and modify them accordingly.
I'll add a new file in the next day or so if I'm successful!

Thanks for this item! I printed it out long ago but realized it needed motors etc, and it was for Xugong Pro V2 (is it?). Now that I suddenly got the Xugong, and in the post above you mentioned the motors, what other electronics is need? I understand there needs to be a IMU or something -- whats your recommended one? Thanks :>

I use it on the Xugong 8 V1, I believe the design of the V2 has changed the front end slightly. I use this gimbal controller http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HMBGC-Micro-Brushless-Gimbal-Controller-Driver-w-Sensor-Alexmos-gi-/281552806863?hash=item418ddae3cf:g:bvIAAOSwy4hUUGIW which uses the MPU6050 IMU. There may be better compact controllers available now, if you need the mounting holes modifying for an alternate IMU just give me a shout.

Thank you so much ahuddart! If you do come to TH, gimme a shout -- will treat you to some of the famous Thai dishes ;) I'm actually trying to put in a Xiaomi with a small-semi-hard case into the gimbal, which meant modifying the camera mount abit. How did you make the camera mount so that the CG is precisely correct? I am coming this path, so any help in this would be appreciated.

The design offers approximately 10mm adjustability on the slots bolted to the front of the motor on both axis, which should hopefully be enough to compensate for any additional weight. Good Luck with your project! :)

Hi, this is beautiful gimbal, thank you for sharing.
I would like to ask, if the construction allows for full roration in pitch axis? I mean the situation, where camera points down vertically. It looks, like there isn't much space behind camera.

I's like also ask, if the gimbal is balanced with this motors and camera? I mean that camera stays in every position, when motors aren't powered. It doesn't return to one fixed positoin, does it?
What motors do you use?

Thank you for your interest, the motors used are Hobbyking 2206 140kv gimbal motors http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__43037__2206_140Kv_Brushless_Gimbal_Motor_Ideal_for_GoPro_style_Cameras_.html Due the magnetic resistance of the motors it's hard to tell if the gimbal is completely balance but it does remain stationary at all points. The Design does allow for a fair bit of adjustability allowing for different motor use. With my current setup the camera/enclosure always remains approximately 3-4mm away from the gimbal arm throughout it's rotation so motion should not be limited.

Got to ask, what do you think of the Yi? it is also for indoors and low light? can it be used in any other situation other than bright daylight?

So far I've been very impressed with it, aside from some minor focusing issues some users are having video quality appears similar to footage I've shot with a Gopro hero 3 black. Can't say I've done much low light testing but seems to handle overcast / evening lighting just fine.