Printable Trumpet Version 2

by LtDan Apr 15, 2015
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After I printed it and put it together it sounds good but when I press any one of the valves it doesn't really alter the sound as normal valves would, would putting vaseline on it help with that?

What springs did you use?

are there any prefered settings? I'm trying to print this one myself cuz I'm loving it, but I don't want to mess up by giving it the wrong infill percentage or something.

I'm trying to make it myself, do I have to be on a desktop to download the files?

Has anyone attempted to modify the design to make this trumpet sound better? I'm a freshman trombone player, playing since sixth grade, and playing piano since kindergarten. I'm in band, and have a fair amount of trumpet friends. I have a good amount of musical experience, and have had a 3D printer for the last 4 years. I would love to share ideas with someone and try experimenting with designs.

It was fun making this trumpet, although I cannot play a trumpet. It was a one week project and all parts fitted perfect. I printed it with PLA and that is a wrong choice., because the parts easily break. I think ABS would have been a better choice.

Regarding springs, maybe this is a dumb question but why not just use real trumpet springs?

Andoer 6pcs Trumpet Piston Valve Spring Accessories Part Replacement https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01J9T3M6G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_VshJBbSFDSBYG

Any attempts at this? I'm thinking of making on myself and possibly improving the design when I get the time.

Awesome, will definitely have to buy some gold filament and print this. Can it accept a real mouthpiece? I bet it would make it sound a lot better.

How do I assemble this? Im half way done printing the parts, but theres no assembling guide.
I dont actually play a trumpet, so i dont know.

Im guessing you assumed everyone who would print this would know how to play
and assembling one is probably common knowledge for a player.

What type of springs do people use for the valves, because I can't find any that works good ... And I have had the print done for time now...

I'm trying with pieces of those rings from an old notebook, makes a horrible notice but I think I'll be able to fix it with vaseline

The model, it's pretty cool !

Did someone tried to sand the inside of the pipes ? If air flow circulates more easily the sound will be better.
Have you tried to print two half of each part of trumpet and stick the two parts with the glue ? It will be easier to sand it and in addition, you will be able to make the joints between the tubes finer.

I will try to print trumpet with this technic, I will give you my feedback on it :)

Did it work yet?
Im pretty interested

Consider the construction of mortar ammunition or piston of internal combustion engine to improve air leakage problem.

The ammunition/engine piston (with installed rings) has a series of grooves that create local turbulence formed by leaked air, and this turbulence stops air leakage to distribute through the grooves outside. This way you still have gap between valve and cylinder to move easily, while air leakage is (mostly) prevented.

Try this approach. All you need is just replace the valves with improved one.

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It's not a fine musical instrument, but it sounds like a real trumpet. With some lowered expectations, I assume one could make some "music" with it. That's really cool.

I know very little about wind instruments. Is there something that could work as a pre-made drop-in valve?

Regarding springs, it would be great if the whole trumpet (doesn't have to be playable) could be scaled so that the springs in ball point Pens could be used. Can the model be scaled? And can a spring from pen be used?

The sound problems sound like they are due to leaks. Could be the valves leaking. It could also be any of the tubes or the joints. 3D printing will not always produce airtight tubes, so you'll have to find any leaks and fix them with some glue, acetone (if ABS) or lacquer. I had the same problem when I first printed my printable trombone, (search for printbone) and after I fixed the leaks it sounded great.

First designing a good trumpet without valves, then separately designing a good valve might be easier than everything at once.

If you elongate the valves and the casings, build in little lever type of springs in the sides of the casings at the bottom, and then taper the valves (this is why you would need to elongate the valves and casings) you wouldn't need to buy springs, as they would be integrated into the model. The little plastic levers won't like being squished when you depress the valve (because of the taper) so they will provide a force that's normal to the valve; this force will then be partially transformed into a vertical force because of the taper. You would need three little lever-spring-things for this to not mess with the orientation of the valve.

This sounds like it will work, I would try but I'm still really new to editing models, if you do this I would love to see it!

Wow! Is the most impressive thing I've seen lately. Congratulations is a great job, right now print one. Do you think some tubular parts of the trumpet can be replaced by some metal tube or PVC pipe?

You seem positively disappointed. You've done a great thing here. The sound will improve as printer tech progresses. Since it seems the primary issue is that it suffers from leakage, maybe there is an internal coating that could be applied to seal it all up?
This is a very cool thing, and I enjoyed just watching it play.

You may have more luck using rotary valves and ball bearings. That way the valve bearing can be made of metal rather than plastic, and greatly improve valve performance.

It's a lot of design work, I know- but it'll help valve performance tremendously.

I have an upgraded printrbot Play so my build area is 4x8x5 inches, could you make it fit that please?

if you try scaling it down it should work with minimal sound difference. you can scale it in Cura or whatever slicer you use

You're in the good way compared to you're first try.
Repair air leaks and it will sound as a real instrument :)

why are there some parts with what looks like an identical part? EX; the bell

there are supports on some of them and others dont

I've had a couple of failures printing the valve casing - as it starts the 1st layer covering the supports, it has caught almost in the same place both times on a bit of loose plastic & knocked the x axis just a fraction :( Might take your stls and attempt to split into parts that I can glue together?

First of all thanks for sharing it.
I printed it out, but after join all the pieces together the trumpet doesn't work, ok i'm not a good musician but i was wondering if there something that i miss, i put the springs and then? is there something else? Gel or some other material to put on pistons because i have a little bit of play between piston and the main part.


For the most part 3d printed trumpets aren't going to work very well. The pistons I made fit fairly tight into the cylinders but used Vaseline on the pistons and that helps quite a bit but the sound that comes out of mine is still pretty bad. If you put a lot of vaseline on them it might help seal it better.

Awesome Design! I made your version one and will print soon this version.

Can you add a file with less parts for those of us who have a bigger printer? For example the bell and the 2 bell pipes as one part. I think this will improve the sound.

How much filament does this use? Is it more or less than 1 kg?

It just barely maxes out my small 500 gram scale so I would guess the whole thing weighs a little less than 600 grams.

One of my good friends is a trumpeter and just got married, let's try this thing.

I don't hear any sound.

Great design! Any updates on your print? Have you already finished printing yours and tried playing it?

Hey thanks! My printer was having some issues so I don't have good valves printed yet. They keep coming out too brittle. I've talked to a couple people who have been working on it and they might finish it before I do.

Hope you fix your printer's problems! I'm really excited to see the result of this trumpet, it would be really good if it sounded as good as it looks!