Customizable Compact Spool Holder with Bearing Support

by Tech2C Apr 16, 2015
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no encuentro las roscas blancas que sujetan el soporte//I can not find the white threads that hold the support

Good Job @Tech2C! Saw in your video and looked for something like this anyway.
Small amount of filament needed, fairly quick print and working great.

Hi, when I try to make a 59.5 spool diameter it keeps coming out at 65.5?

The spool diameter is not the outer diameter of the spool holder. The outer diameter includes a 3mm rim around the spool diameter.

I love this design, it's simple and effective.
But is it not risked that the plastic part breaks with the weight of the spool ?
What maximum weight can make the spool with your system ?
thank in advance

I use a similar style setup (I used 3/4 in threaded rod rather than what he used), and the plastic part can hold more than enough weight. I wouldn't try this with a 5 kilogram spool, but I still think that my setup could handle it. One other difference is that my setup doesn't use bearings, I instead put a nut-trap where the bearing would go and then made the spool slightly smaller than the diameter of the spool so that it will spin freely.

Thank You for your design!

I had my own design , which didn't come out as well as I expected. But I adopted this and I really like it!
I love your channel , because I learn so much.

Kind regards.

Hey thanks Leon!

One thing I really hate about the spools we use is just how NON uniform they are as I buy from various sources and each spool is different depending on the manufacturer of the filament. Now it isn't an issue with your work but what a PITA to have 5 or 6 sets of these depending on the filament I am using and if you switch midprint (for multi coloured prints) ugh as wasted time is bad during a print.

Nice work.

Totally agree. This design is basic of course and certainly not the first but it suited what I needed.
I have seen other designs where the spool holder is cone shaped to basically fit inside any spool size, however it looses it's compactness then.


Oh, wow, cone shaped? Never thought of that.