CNC Table Clamps

by phidauex Jul 6, 2009
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Good idea! I just got my first CNC router working and was in the middle of printing a bunch of clamps... Why spend the money in filament and all that time when a router could cut these out in just a few minutes!

If you want you can take a look at the bench VISE for CNC mill with removable and interchangeable caps that I created and published yesterday.

Se vuoi puoi dare un’occhiata anche alla Morsa da banco per fresa CNC con protezioni removibili ed intercambiabili che ho creato e pubblicato ieri.


Morsa da banco per fresa CNC - Bench VISE for CNC mill
by Stebo

Hey, a couple of notes on this.

  1. the indentations on top of the clamp work well with a piece of round dowel that you would drill a hole through and pass the bolt into, along with the clamp. I know these aren't meant to be long lasting tools... but using a piece of dowel will help with clamping pressure...


  1. the fourth
    clamp down from the top has an extra line that runs exactly along an existing line, so it's really hard to see. I only noticed it when I went to set up my routing operations in my CAM software and couldn't figure out why there was a big chunk digging though the clamp in an operation that should n
    ot have dug through the clamp. After moving the contours to different layers, I was able to spot the extra line. It's easy enough to not have it affect operations, just be aware that it's there.

Otherwise, woohoo, I'm going to make a bunch of these. I didn't locate this file from here, but I'm
glad to help annotate it here since it'll be easy to locate it here later.

Here's where the extra line is...

These are great, thanks! I made a few for use on my homemade CNC machine. They work a lot better than the slats of wood I had before :)

Thanks for uploading your clamp. Here is a link to the knob with captive nut I made for it http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2140http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Parametric Knob

Added a photo of the clamps in use (sort of). You can see the T-Track mounted recessed in the spoilboard, with some of the clamps slid into position. Also, a badass bass guitar prototype cut out of pink foam.