B8 Flight Stick Replica Shift Knob

by schrodingers_cat Apr 16, 2015
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Hi! GREAT work! I have printed both a 10mm and an 8mm version of this in PETG (came out beautiful - PETG is the only way to go once you get your printer tweaked for it). I intend to install it in a 2020 Vanderhall Venice GT I am in the process of buying. I have all of the electonics you recommended, and am getting ready to use a dremel to make channels in it, as I intend to make all the switches fully functional. I found a site that custom makes cables to order, so had them make and ship me a 22 AWG 12 conductor cable. I intend to hook the China hat (up and down) into the cruise control (increase, decrease, set) and (left right) into the lane change turn signals. Right now, only one of the momentary buttons will be active, though all will be wired for future expansion. That one will honk the horn. I THOUGHT about putting in a switch for the trigger to control transmit/receive on an installed CB, but decided that would be just a little too complex to tackle, and the resulting material removal to accommodate it would render the top pretty weak. Once I have the thread size of the shifter for the Vanderhall, I will begin setting it up. I will take pictures as I go and share them with you all.

Freaking genius, I'm going to use it in my float plane, close enough to the real thing.

Dear friends, anyone know of 3 D files for the "collective and end boxes" for the UH-1 H ?
Best regards John Reimertz

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I have a m12 x 1.25. I have inventor and im having a hard time changing the size, any chance you could do that?

Is this grip the same size as a real B8 grip?

I printed one out and it seems too small for my hand. Is a genuine B8 really this small or has this one been scaled down for some reason?

It was modeled from photographs so the scale is approximate. Print it however big you need.

Try printing it at 102%. I remixed this grip to use as a joystick on flights sims and made it slightly larger as the B8 grips in our B412 helicopters felt a bit bigger than this model.

Yeah, I was thinking to scale it appropriately but was concerned the buttons then wouldn't fit in the holes properly.

By the way, I like your work on the joystick mod. I am actually planning to use this as a joystick grip myself so am intending to actually use your re-mix instead, but thought I'd ask about the size here.
Is the joystick model the same size as this original or did you include some scaling as part of the re-mix?

I have scaled the model up so you don’t have to and adjusted the trigger to suit. The buttons I used needed bigger holes anyway so it all worked out perfect.

how do you connect your trigger to the handle?

The trigger pin is a hardened 1/8" steel rod from the optical drive of a PS3 cut down to 1.7" long.

A long screw through the top of the trigger

Hello, I am Robert Aicher I have a real B-8 control stick grip. I am missing the big knob on the top right of the control grip, is there any way that I can order just that four-way control knob? it looks like it is the 5 and 6 photos over of the photos that are shown above anyway please let me know if I can get this item from you, my contact information is below.
Thank you

Robert Aicher
559 260-5140

This version of the B8 flight stick is just an artistic recreation of a real B8 flight stick, the stick was modeled by photo reference so the dimensions are close but not precise. It is almost certain that the parts for this version of the stick are not suitable replacements for an original. You should also note that the four-way control knob that was used in this project was a playstation controller joystick module and would not meet the mil spec requirements of an aviation grade flight stick.

Can you supply SolidWorks models of your two handles?

Is there a way I could get the solidworks files for your handles? I am making a home-built airplane and I need to modify your design to incorporate functional switches and scale the handles up in length. I also need them to fit on a 7/8" diameter tubes that are the actual sticks. I need both the left-hand and right-hand models.

The SolidWorks file for the whole stick is available on the "Things Files" page, it is titled "Flight.SLDPRT". simply make the changes you want to the part and then cut it back into two halves.

I want to print this but need more info on the joystick for the china hat

It was a generic joystick found at my local makerspace, the only marking on it was "TOMY". It seems it may have been from a playstation controller.

I see someone ordered a replacement joystick for an xbox controller and got that to work. I thought about making some sort of channel to run wires so the buttons actually work. Now if only I could find one for the F-16 (which I work on) I'd print that out. Does the china hat do anything or just move? Also I would imagine print it in ABS so the heat in the vehicle won't melt/warp correct?

The china hat could be a fully functional joystick if you wired the joystick, none of the buttons on mine do anything. As for the heat, the only issue I had was that the strong trigger spring on my stick slowly deformed the trigger in the summer heat.

did you print yours in ABS or PLA? I thought about ABS and finish with a vapor smooth.

I printed it in PLA, I don't use ABS since it's more prone to shrinkage problems during printing.

Would you mind posting up some pictures of how you got the trigger working?

awesome, I'll give it a shot. This is going in my tundra!.

Post up a "make" of it with a pic in your Tundra! I was thinking about doing one in my FJ...

Ever manage to print one?

Not yet, but it is making its way up on the list of things to print.

is there anyone who has made this or will make one for me to buy?

I'm printing this right now. No raft, so it should print smoothly so that the surfaces can easily be glued together. I'll probably have it finished tomorrow. I'm also trying to print it without support, since supports don't seem to stick to my build platform without a raft for some reason...

This is very cool, and if it is successful, it will be going into my race car! I might even assign the buttons some actual functions!

Thanks for designing and sharing it!

I finished this up a few days ago after finally figuring out what size nuts I needed for it. I didn't install buttons yet, but I'm going to get those today. It looks awesome, it has the right feel to it, and it makes the race car even cooler! I printed it in super-low resolution just to get it done and to make sure it works, and even then, it looks pretty darn good.

I was about to have this printed out at Ponoko.com, but I need to know the unit the file is in, mm, cm, or inches?

Thanks a lot! Excited to start working on this and replacing my car shift knob with it.

the .SLDPRT files are in inches, the .stl files are in mm.

So im new to this site I am trying to find one of these for my jeep and ended up here. Does anyone sell these?

I made one.. great job, thanks. What is the easiest way to mirror image it so I can print a left handed version/.

The easiest way is for me to do it for you, check the files tab for left handed versions :)

Looks great, could you upload the CAD files, it would be great to hollow it out a bit for the wires and use it on an aircraft. I would need to modify the mount as well.

There is already an .SLDPRT Solidworks file, I'll upload a .STEP file if that's what you want.

Yes thank you, for whatever reason ViaCAD can't import those files.

Wow, you did an amazing job man looks very beautiful.
I will try to print a copy soon, but its very cool.