Frozen Anna logo bust

by kubus66 Apr 23, 2015
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Perfect. Niece loved it,

the problem is that the parts are not combined so the simply3d slicer foes not slice the way you expect. i combined everything then saved as new stl. it will now slice right in simplify3d

did someone have a link for Frozen Elsa logo bust
Thank you

See Tanya Wiesner on MyMiniFactory: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/frozen-elsa-bust-23673
There's no logo on the original, though.

I cannot for the life of me repair this model. The name plate always slices as a seperate non connected part, even after repairing with netfabb.

This file is full of problems! I fixed it by importing into Meshmixer and "make solid". Then increased triangle count to bring back the details. Before that if you change the visibility you'll see the issues. There are separate bodies everywhere.

Nice model. Gonna print for my niece's birthday. Why is it hollow in the middle though?

EDIT: One of Cura's Expert options allows me to ignore all internal holes. Good to go

i ve got an issue during the printing process : the printer has stopped in the middle of the torso...

This file has major slicing problems in Simplify3D. Its too bad. The original has issues as well, just in other areas.

I've made the switch over to simplify3d recently. I've noticed right straight away that with my printrbot I had to add additional gcode parameters and tweak print settings in the program inorder for Anna and many of my other designs to print correctly.

Yes, i have also trouble,
Could you give "the additional gcode parameters and tweak print settings" you add?

Had to add Z0 to the G28 for a printrbot. Swapped the G29 and the line that tells the printer to start extruding. Wasn't a need to start extruding before the bed leveling. Changed the shells to 2. For some reason the default was 4. I don't remember what else I changed.

Everyone's printer handles the Anna file differently based on reports I've gotten from everyone using simplify3d. To save time and hassle I uploaded an additional file specifically for the Simplify3d software. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:753115/#files

Simplify3D has some bugs in it trying to read stls exported from zBrush.

Ok thanks, I use Simplify3d for mechanical parts made with FreeCad because this give very good results.
I try to print "annaSimplify3D.stl" but but even I activate "automatic support" the result was not very good, because the lower part of the bust is not filled.

change the fill to 15-20% with a overhang of 67 degrees. Should generate supports for only the chin.

The trouble is that the model is empty in the bust you can see that in the linked picture which is cutting of the model at diffrent hight.

But still, print fine.