Bolt holder for Z endstop on Printrbot Jr

by ninekay Apr 21, 2013
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I can't believe it took me so long to finally print this. Thank you!

You're very welcome - it's cool that people can still use this 5 minute design 3 years after I made it. Sweet internet!

Fantastic and simple!

Another solution is to use wood glue to keep the nuts fixed. That solves the problem just fine, but this is much better because you dont have to worry about gluing down the nuts in such a way that their threads dont align properly.

Now if only I could solve the problem with the X-endstop.

Great job, thanks for making this.

You're welcome! It seems like there are quite a few small design flaws with the printrbot jr, but for the price it's kinda hard to complain too much. Especially since a lot of the flaws can be fixed by printing something! I haven't had any problems with the x-endstop, though - just the z one...

Agreed, the price is great compared to most stuff out there. Im sure a lot of these problems have been/will be solved as new versions come out - its the nature of an open source project. Im glad to hear the later versions dont have this really bad x-stop problem.

Thank you for designing this... a Simple, elegant, less than 3-min-print solution - I remixed and reposted it with tighter tolerances. Well done!

Awesome - If the first one I printed wears out or it turns out it isn't tight enough, I'll deff try your version out! Thanks for improving!

ninekay -

I talk about this problem with my friend, I go online, and here is the solution, ready made for me.

U R AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Glad I could help!

I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem, since I couldn't seem to find anything here on thingiverse to fix it (although it might just be that I didn't know what to search for).

I wound up using super glue to attach one nut on either side of the wood inorder to prevent it from being loosened by the vibrations. This looks like a much more reliable solution.