prusa i3 hephestos - z endstop

by AndersV209 Apr 19, 2015
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Can i get a 8cm long version for the z stopper?

i have added a 8 cm version

Hi, thank you for your part. Since I'm using a wade extruder with a e3dv6 hot-end, I need a version 10mm higher. I have tried to make another version myself but I always have a "hole", which I don't manage to fix with Netfabb basic.


i have just made and uploaded a version that is 10 mm higher

hope you can use it

Thanks a lot ! This is perfect and I have no hole problems !

Hi. Great addition. Would you please add a solid file to include in my customized 3d printer I am working on?

Maybe a step file? Or the original format file.



i made it in sketchup, so i have added that file

sorry probrem slicer..

what do you mean ?

I think he meant invalid mesh. Both Slic3r and KiSSlicer choked on the file. Cura seems to be fine with it, though.

Now the same for the X axis endstop. :P
Actually even the Y axis endstop and flag would benefit from an upgrade.
Specially the flag of the Y end stop is really bad designed, been looking into improving it.

I am thinking on how to update the x end stop, so it is fixed and cant move around.

what do you mean with " flag would benefit from an upgrade. Specially the flag of the Y end stop is really bad designed"

For the X end stop this a good solution, in the case of the hephestos it just needs to allow the endstop to fit inverted so the cable exits up. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:765805

For the Y endstop flag (think that it's name) the part that goes in the table that has the screw.
Mine keeps moving bit by bit and after sometime it eventually stops making contact with the switch.

Support endstop X Prusa i3 v3

i actualy just made an update to the x endstop right now. see it at

prusa i3 hephestos - x endstop

Good idea and design. As soon as I can, I'll print it!