Beehive Ant Moat

by jetpad Apr 19, 2015
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If I'm not mistaken, that's a Warré hive, right? I have 2 that I built myself - it's so nice to see another Warré enthusiast!

These are getting printed RIGHT away. I had a terrible ant problem my first season, last year. We had an awful drought in California which I think weakened my colonies, and I put in a feeder frame, which I think the ants promptly found and started moving in; one colony failed. We've had a TON of rain this spring (hooray!) and my one colony looks like it's strong and thriving, but now that it's the dry season again I'm worried about the little buggers. Thanks for this!

Yes, it's a Warré. The moat works well but you just have to keep it filled with water or a vegitable oil. Oil lasts longer (because of evaporation) but is messier.

I just met a guy who was interested in 3D. He was an amatuer Bee Keeper. I thought, AH HAH! Knowing there were most likely somebody out here in the Thingaverse interested in bees, we did a key-word search. After some scrolling he said STOP! Go Back! It was this moat - "I want that!"

I'm printing one now.

He's made the connection between his bees and what 3D can do for him.

Great Idea. Thanks for the file.

Thanks for creating this! I think it's exactly what I need.
Would you be able to provide the dimensions W/D/H?


The base diameter is 65 mm, the top of the leg has a diameter of 30 mm, the height is 35 mm, and the diameter of the lid is 80mm.

The morning I installed the moats, ants were crawling all over some sugar blocks I'd put in the hive and there was a steady stream of ants coming and going from the hive. The next morning, when I checked, no ants were on the sugar and not an ant was found anywhere on the hive. I did have one casualty, a bee found its way into one of the moats (of canola oil) and drowned.