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Assorted Hovership MHQ Arm Concepts

by daewootech Apr 21, 2015
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Did you mean MHQ2?
Also, I like the prop gaurd one, however I think it removes the purpose of the arms, foldability.
I really like the XL arm beef 2, and may try them out!
Just btw the ones with large motors ends and arm->frame ends that taper off may have issues with the added mass on a relatively small connection.
Just a suggestion I thought of on the XL arm beef 2. The stock arms are made so that when folded more than just the very end goes inbetween the two bottom layers. It is hard to see without building it. Basically the current version won't allow for full folding, maybe half of it max. Looks like that could be an issue on many of the designs. Just something to consider. Great work so far!

the current design didn't really allow for folding anyways so i gave up on the whole folding concept pretty quick, at best with the motors, props and prop gaurds you would get half of the arms to partially fold and the other two wouldnt really fold, i ended up designing it so that instead of both folding inward i changed the body so that one folded inward and the other folded outward so they were both pointing in the same direction when folded, but it was too much of a hassle to screw/unscrew the assembly and i felt better with a solid mount, that's why several iterations had three holes because i designed it not to fold at all.

The arm with the integrated prop gaurd is actually the wrong upload, that one didnt fit my printer so i ended up with a partial prop gaurd factoring in what areas are likely to actually hit something, but i eventually scrapped the whole integrated design because if i broke a prop gaurd then i would need to replace the entire arm, so i kept with the separate gaurd/arm setup which cut print times down from about an hour per arm combo to about 30 min per arm and 15 min per prop gaurd.

I kind of went all over with these concepts, figured i would share them for others to build off of if they wanted.