Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Fly6 Version 2 Rack Mount

by oddbot Apr 22, 2015
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Thanks Oddbot. I had the one you modified for me (wider hole distance) printed, but I find it very hard to get the Fly6
into this , let alone getting it out again (which it must, for charging/accessing the videos)

It seems it's too tight/the tab doesn't flex much (at all?) etc.

Do you have any further recommendation on what material/settings I should request
for this?

I got one of these printed on makexyz.com and I must say that this is very difficult to get the fly6 in the bracket. I used a little bit of soap and finally got it on there. However, It seems like it's never going to come back off of it. I'd like to be able to attach it to the seat post every once in a while. Is that no longer going to be an option? Any advice for being able to remove it from the mount without breaking it?

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Hi Oddbot, these Fly6 brackets look great, thanks heaps for designing them! I have the original Fly6 model, should I use this bracket or the original? Or will either work?

Also, I've unfortunately got a Salsa Alternator rack on my bike, which has 2 really silly mount holes pointing vertical, rather than horizontal, has anyone figured out a mount to work with this rack? Or an adapter to bolt your mount to?



Hi doddos,
Not sure about vertical holes but you should use the original one of you have the original camera.
Vertical holes are a bit of a problem for this mount and I couldn't teally tell what they looked like from the link you posted. Do you have a picture of it in profile?

Hey Will,

I can't find a photo online, but the holes are 80mm apart, point vertical and are threaded. I'll probably just try to make up an adapter plate to screw into those holes that curves down to provide the plate and holes for your plastic mount. Thanks for the input, I'll have a go at getting the original mount printed. It won't be for a few months, but I'll let you know the progress when it happens!

Hi Doddos,
I cant remember how tall the mount is but if its less than the distance between the holes I may be able to modify the design for you.

Hey Will, sorry it took me ages to get back to you. On closer measurement, the holes are 75mm apart, and are 5mm wide, threaded for 4mm bolts (I think). I'll upload a photo to my profile so you can see it. Let me know if you think you can modify the design or not, and I'll get it printed and give it a go!

Alright, I've tried printing this one 3 times, and all 3 times it's failed. The last time I printed it with it rotated to lay flat it nearly finished, but failed to print the overhang part and the print job ended badly from there. Any advice on how to get this one to come out would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Campbjac,
I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems!
Send me a PM with your email and I'll be happy to talk you through the issues.

I'm very new to 3d printing, so please pardon my ignorance on this, but did you have any trouble with the bottom of the part not being flat? It doesn't seem to want to print correctly for me, and I think that's the reason. Is there a reason not to print it with the wings (where the screw holes are) laying down on the bed instead of having it standing up on end? Thanks for the help! I'm really hoping to make this part successfully.

I may have answered my own question on this one; I laid it flat on the bed with the back (the side away from the light) down. This took rotating it on all axes, but worked out to have it lay nice and flat. I've started the print job and now the raft appears to have printed correctly and it seems to be building up nicely from there. I'll know in a few more hours how it worked, and will update tomorrow if I have a success. Thanks for making this!