Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Bucket O' Octopi

by yeoldebrian Apr 19, 2011
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What printer are you using, if I may ask?

Can someone please explain the differences in the Thing Files? I get that the one has thicker arms, but the rest don't really make any sense just from the file names... Thx!

since this is not marked as non-commercial use I am assuming I can print this and sell them to help fund my printing habit however I would like to ask what a fair percentage of my profit off it is. let me know and I will send that percent once I sell some of course, same for any other models anyone wants to get to market to kinda cut back on those whom are using their models against the wishes of the makers, figure if we can compete with a good fair price and even give some back to the creators we might be able to curb those being jerks when asked to not just use someones work to make money with out asking, (plus all profits are going to go toward my printing operation which entails developing new printing tech too :)

Hey! Sorry for the long delay on this. Yes go ahead and sell them, sounds like a good cause so no commission necessary. Please let me know what you're charging and how many you sell, just out of curiosity.
Thanks and good luck!

This design has been widely used and remixed. I just added to it's prestige by remixing it again :) https://www.youmagine.com/designs/death-metal-rocktopus/ Thanks for posting yeoldebrian!

That. Is. Awesome.

I just loaded a copy of an experiment I did with Maker-ware and this octopus.  I loaded two copies into Maker-ware  shrank one, and overlapped them and turned one to put two octopuses (?).  I wanted to see how it would handle merged files vs simply printing more than one item on the Replicator build platform and it worked.  

The v10block on the TOM as-is, just scaled down a notch (80mm across). This is the first pretty much perfect build to date. Nice job on the design!

Got my Thing-O-Matic together and running just today, and this was the third thing I printed. I may need to work on my calibration- there were a few hanging loops on the back of the head.

W00t, Bernhard from Metalab printed this in 12 minutes on his Ultimaker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtL922rb0_Ehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

We used the picture of this design on our kickstarter project!


I kind of like how a blue one looks with a raft, like the octopus is in the water.

Check out the octopi in the New York Times!!!

We did a fund raiser last night and were selling these like hotcakes (like hot tako?). Kids loved watching them being constructed on the Thing-O-Matic.

It's alive! It began to move and scurried away!

By the way, Brian is brainstorming for the next version as we get closer and closer to the ability to print huge sheets of these, so those of you printing should let him know which footprint you prefer, square or round. It is easier to print the square one larger than the round one -- and the feet interlock better. But the round one is so cute! voice your thoughts here!

I definitely like the round one better, but I think it would be improved by making the centers of the foot circles align to the points on an octagon. Then you could link them easily into a sheet, with each octopus at any orientation. Also, it might be nice to make the foot curls consistent (either all right, or alternating).

Hey Emmett, thanks for the feedback, great ideas!

You've inspired me to make a revision, will try and get it done in the next couple days. Which would you prefer for the foot curls, right or alternating? Any more thoughts are very welcome.

Can't it be both? :)

Great job! My kids so love it, I printed one for both of them!

The original file kept bumping into the booger picker. I scaled down to 75% and printed two copies without any problems.

Awesome print and so much fun to watch the first layers going down!

I just got my Thing-O-Matic and had been trying to print the Stanford bunny as a first proper test but was really having trouble with the small base, so as soon as I saw this with it's big tentacled base coverage I knew it was perfect for me :D

Had to up the build platform temperature a bit to ge
t the tentacles to stick properly, and still had trouble with the tentacle under the head, but otherwise I am very very pleased with the result :)

More fun then a barrel of...well, you get the idea.

Looks like an amazing print, Yeoldebrian.

Did you have to do much tweaking of calibration parameters to get it to come out nicely?

Hi Gav,

The printing was done by Matt (mifga) so I can't really help ya there but if you ask him I'm sure he'll have some thoughts. Good luck!

I used Nick's Print-O-Matic SF Assistant to tune my settings, and then made sure to wipe my build surface clean as the twirly legs are a challenge to print. You really have to nail the z-height to within 0.05mm.