Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Dual extruder mount with auto bed leveling and 2 fans for Prusa i3 Sunhokey

by stevan Apr 26, 2015
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When I'm trying to compile I'm getting
"In file included from /Marlin.h:23,
from BlinkM.cpp:5:
/pins.h:470:3: error: #error Oops! Make sure you have 'Arduino Mega' selected from the 'Tools -> Boards' menu."

What to do?

I have the exact same controller board as shown in your pic, but I can't find any instructions on which way to install the stepper driver. I have an 8825 but I don't want to fry it. Which way does the pot face? Towards the pins or towards the jumper switch? Can't find anything reliable on line either. Any help would be appreciated.

I have the dual extruder working well. (I switched to a standard RAMPS 1.4) but I am unsure how the bed levelling components are supposed to fit. Can you show how they are attached please.

Did edkrokets suggestion work?


Why would you not be able to use the MKS Gen 2Z? In another post I found information using the AUX pins for another signal.
By modifying the pins.h like this:
and wiring the external stepper controller board on your picture like this : http://oi57.tinypic.com/kf4hox.jpg
(on some external stepper boards the pins are different. On above picture from top to bottom pins : E, S, D, G)
You should be able to add another stepper controller for the second extruder and leave the 2Z configuration.

Any thoughts?

@edkroket Have you had any success with this setup? Has it worked for you?

Hi Lucky7Chess.

Definitely! I have it running perfectly, it worked like a charm! Both extruders work with a slight modification in the configuration files of Marlin. No need to buy any other board, the sunhokey's 2Z works fine with 2 extruders. If you need, PM me for more info for the setup..I'll guide you through the setup process with pictures of my setup if needed.

Hey edkroket,

I noticed rizer: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:763350
figured out how to do it too! Excited to get mine upgraded :) Thanks for your help :)

True but rizer is cutting tracks on the board..there is no need to do that and possibly damage your board.just use different unused pins on the board without cutting!

A Chinese engineer working for Guanghzou Makerbase Info Tech http://www.makerbase.com.cn/en/ which is the Company that producing MKS Gen boards, told me that MKS Gen Z2 cannot support a second extruder in any way because E1 cannot be programmed for a second extruder motor separately by the Z stepper. I think your connection scheme could work as you said....but you just have to try that configuration to be sure.

Hi Stevan. Late reply, but yes, it works. Chinese 'engineer' does not know you can assign different pins on an Arduino board??
And a small breakout board to add another stepper driver off course. No need to solder or cut tracks, it works like this.

TL;DR Extruder hotend and stepper are both showing as invalid in repetier, don't think it's the wiring because I switched hotend wires and the new hotend worked. Can I see your pins and configuration files?

Hey edkroket, funny that there have been a flurry of comments just when I started working on this, glad to see it's so active :). Having some trouble if you wouldn't mind helping me figure it out.. or maybe posting your pins.h and configuration.h? I don't know C or C++ per-say but I know visual basic so I kind of get it.. I'm a techy guy as most of us with this printer are so I'll just drown you in information so you don't have to ask for it later if you want it, but otherwise just whatever configuration files you changed would be awesome.

I bought a bunch of parts to upgrade to a dual extruder including an external pcb for my a4988. The wiring is E,D,S from top to bottom so I crossed over the cable wires and switched to it to match the picture you posted (homemade wire harness with crimp tool and connectors) and everything SHOULD be wired properly but Repetier says invalid extruder or to be precise..

15:20:08.494 : echo:M104 Invalid extruder
when turning on my second extruders hot end (How could I mess the wiring up on that amiright?)

15:20:21.947 : echo:TInvalid extruder
when switching to my second extruder stepper (the majority of the wiring)

Edit: I believe my issue was as simple as changing '#define EXTRUDERS 1' to 2 found at line 111 of my pastebin http://pastebin.com/Pfi1qyr0 . Funny how many places you need to tell it, it now has 2 extruders.

Hi Loota,

Had no time to reply, but will reply tonight with more details, the config files and pictures!


It works with Marlin 1.1.8 and cyclop extruder Thanx :)

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I've got just got a Sunhokey prusa with a MKS Gen V 1.1, and what try the dual setup.
But where does the extra hotend, extruder and fan go on the circuit board?
Tried looking for a board diagram on google with no luck.

You need to add an external stepper paired with Z axis stepper to drive the second extruder motor, I just added a new photo which shows the connection diagram for dual extruder, of course you have also to modify configuration.h and pins.h files in Marlin firmware.

I have the 2z. What is the exact difference between this and v 1.1 I noticed The E1 is being used as Z2. Could one not upgrade to the DVR 2885 and then just tie both Z motors together (thus freeing the E1) ?

MKS-Gen 2Z is ​​a special customized product especially designed for a single print head with dual Z-axis. Connect a second extruder is not possible, because the pcb send the same signal to Z and E1 which cannot be used to drive the second extruder motor.

You can get the firmware from Sunhokey if you send them an e-mail.

Or just flash the board with Marlin; just note your esteps and change in the configuration.h file - takes less than 5 minutes and opens a world of opportunity.