Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Kossel Mini adjustable heated bed mount for 220mm bed

by guco Apr 26, 2015
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What is the "podpora.stl" used for?

It's different version without adjustable hole.

I did something similar. I didn't print anything to attach the heated bed plate at all. But I did the following:

  1. Cut a piece of thin wood 4-5mm thick in a diameter slightly bigger than heated bed.
  2. Put heated bed over wood from above and drill through wood with same drill size of the heated bed plate. (optionally, include a thin layer of wool, cardboard, corkboard, or other high insulative material.)
  3. Load a 3mm nut in the top horizontal nut trap for each of the 3 sides.
  4. From the above pictures, turn the heated bed plate and wood about 30 degrees, so that the 3 holes line up with the nuts in the nut traps.
  5. Delicately push the nuts so you can screw each in one at a time. Get all 3 threaded before tightening them down.
  6. Take your plate and lay on top of heated bed. Use binder clips (found in office supply stores) to attach securely.

I bought the cheapest thing they had - which is a roll 1 meter * 0,5 meters with 3mm thickness. It is used for thermal insulation, vibration damping or for hobby projects. It cost around 4€ and I cut it myself with a carpet knife. It's the easiest and cheapest way, you don't have to worry with looking for a cutting service :)

Thanks! I ended up buying a 4pc 12" x 12" squares of cork from my local Target store; question though, I'm having a horribly hard time installing the mounts -- My heat bed is 220mm MK2Y like shown in the photos -- but I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to attach it. I tried first attaching the mounts first to the 2020 aluminum extrusion; but then I have no space or way to reach underneath them to put the m3 nut in, in order to mount the bed. Inversely, I have the same problem if I attach the mounts to the bed first, because the size of the bed and the positioning of my aluminum extrusion is such a small circumference, that I do not have enough space to get a screwdriver in to secure the mounts to the 2020 extrusion. Any thoughts on the optimal way to mount these?

Hello, thanks for this question. I didn't use 2020 extrusions but openbeam, but the process is still the same.
The way I did it was following:

  1. put the M3 nut into the holder before instalation
  2. mount the three pieces onto the frame loosely (so they can rotate and move)
  3. put the heatbead over the mount and adjust all holders by rotating them and sliding them
  4. put all bolts through heatbed to holders and center the bed (again by moving a rotating the mounts)
  5. if it's fine and centered - slowly lift the bed with bolts up. So slowly that you don't move the mounts :)
  6. tighten the mounts in their current position
  7. put the heatbed back and bolt it to the mounts (since you have the nuts already in place from the first point).

I would make you a video but I have sold my kossel so I cant, but I hope you can mount it with my instructions. One last comment - I only used the mounts with single hole for nut, not the ones with the larger 'sliding' hole.

Let me know if you that worked for you!

Thanks, I actually managed to use the Version 1 to great effect; as you said I inserted the m3 nuts and since they were smaller in size than version 2, it worked better for a larger heat bed like mine.

Thanks for the reply. Was it already pre-cut as a circle or did you have them do that.

Hello cjalas,
I got it at a local hobby store (Hornbach here in europe). If you are from US, home depot would probably be a good choice.

where did you get the cork mat?