Hyperboloid with base, desktop pen holder

by MiseryBot Apr 21, 2011
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Love it! it looks really great!

It looks to me that you were heavily over extruding at the time of this print. I could be wrong, but I just wanted to be sure.

It looks to me that you were heavily over extruding at the time of this print. I could be wrong, but I just wanted to be sure.

Pure visual 3d-porn.

Care to share your skeinforge settings?

For this one:


I used MBI black 3mm filament (measured at 2.84mm average)

Used this profile calculator:


with layer height 0.25mm, thread width 0.5mm and feed rate of 40mm/sec

So Carve is set:
Layer Thickness 0.25mm
Perimeter Widt
h over Thickness: 2.0

Fill is:
Interior Infill over Exterior Infill: 1.0
Grid Rectangular
0.3mm Overlap
0.25 solidity
2.0 Width/Thickness

Feed Rate: 40 (don't go faster than your bot can handle)
Flow Rate: 1.4964 (from MakerBlock Profile thingy)

I am using the MiseryPusher ( http
://http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:7129www.thingiverse.com/thing:7129 ) which has the MakerGear geared stepper.

Reversal Speed: 30 RPM
Reversal time: 120mS
Push Back: 120mS
Threshold : 1mm

I used 230 deg C for the nozzle and 150 deg C for the build platform. The build platform is knock-off 4" (100mm) kapton that I clean with Windex
glass cleaner.

So far it works for me :)

MiseryPusher: Geared Stepper filament pusher for MK5 extruder


My stepstruder MK6+ is in the mail, and when it arrives i will definitely try these skeinforge settings.

Based on your "takes forever" comment I kicked it off before I left this morning:

[09:41:46] Carve procedure took 29 minutes 58 seconds.
[09:41:48] Bottom procedure took 2 seconds.
[09:41:58] Preface procedure took 10 seconds.
[09:48:04] Inset procedure took 6 minutes 6 seconds.
[09:54:38] Fill procedure took 6 minutes 34 seconds.
[09:55:01] Speed procedure took 24 seconds.
:55:07] Temperature procedure took 5 seconds.
[09:55:55] Raft procedure took 48 seconds.
[09:57:34] Cool procedure took 1 minute 39 seconds.
[09:58:59] Limit procedure took 1 minute 25 seconds.
[09:59:30] Dimension procedure took 30 seconds.
[10:00:23] It took 48 minutes 35 seconds to export the


Also, the gcode is 32MB, 812,188 lines long, and ReplicatorG silently fails to read it (either in conjunction with the model or alone). I guess I'll have to figure out why...

Are you running Linux? I remember that Java can't automatically figure out its max memory requirements or something under Linux...

My Gcode was 36MB, and it turned into a 15.4MB S3G file without any problems . . . I always use the SD card, so once I make the SG3 , I typically ditch the gcode file.

I am using RepG 0024 . . . other than time it always seem to handle the high-resolution stuff fine.

Feel free to turn fuss with the $fn= in the *.scad it is crazy fine resolution as is.

I don't generally do pink, but that print looks fantastic! (I must be getting in touch with my inner Mr. Pink) :)

I've had a pound of pink since I bought the bot. I am GONNA use it up! Hey, the girls love this on their desk :)