Moineau Pump

by emmett Apr 21, 2011
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Soo... Closed archimedes screw?

It is the basic design , the way a progressive cavity pump works.
The core of the stator needs to be a heavy elastomer , such as (Alumilite High Strength 3 RTV silicone).
With out a flexible inner core the rotor will not seal. If you would like , I can take a pic of a core ant the building mold used to make it.


Progressive Cavity Pump & Stator Mold

Sure, it'd be cool to see a real one. Your design is looking nice as well.

My design works. I have it in trials as we text.

What happens if you stop cranking? Also, does the pump need to be at an angle or can it also pump if it is in a vertical position?

Did somebody managed to create stator thing?
I know it should be done out from rubber, but I guess it would be nice to print it from plastic and mold afterwards from rubber

I've read Moineau pumps use a rubber-like stator. I know there are flexible filaments. Do you think printing the stator with that will improve performance?

Could someone please make the stator thicker like 5mm. I know there is a openscad file but i don't really understand what I would change.

i would not recommend it. for the pump the be able to move and maintain a seal, either the rotor or the stator needs to be able to deform a little. with 'real' pumps, they use rubber, but since we're using hard plastic, a thin wall will have to do.

In commercial pumps they use two main methods to hook up the motor; a double U-joint (cardan joint) or a slim flexible shaft. I bet you could punch a hole part way down the rotor and run a skinny shaft up it, sticking out a ways. The shaft needs to be torsionally stiff, but flexible side to side. It needs to have some length to it to allow the side to side motion of the rotor.

For this low powered application a sneaky way to do it would be to set the motor up in a slot so it can slide side to side with the rotor, perhaps with some gearing to make that motion happen the way you want it to. You might be able to generate the right motion with an eccentric on the motor shaft also.

If someone were to attach a motor to this, a mini Schmidt coupling might work great! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:14060http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Schmidt Style Coupling

Removed bumps and jumps from Proton's beautiful animated .gif's of this intriguing mechanism.

Very cool! Mine works but where the steps go in for the extra shell makes a tight spot when turning, going to try again with 0 extra shells otherwise it works great!

Kool stuff! I printed one last night and played with it earlier today.

Just an idea, but it would be cool to add some sort of spout to the top of the stator.

By all means, go for it. That's why the OpenSCAD file is included. I'd love to see what uses this design can be put to.

I'm working on a printable desk top water fountain and im considering using this as the pumping mechanism. I'll have to modify it to use a small dc motor. I'll post it when I'm finished.

Wonderful and useful design!

Wondering how such a thing can be driven by a motor, I animated it.

Apparently, you can drive it with a planetary arrangement since the inner spiral describes a hypocycloid.

Nice job animating the SCAD file, and thanks for sending to me. I've updated the SCAD file here to your animated version. Indeed, a planetary arrangement should work nicely. If you're interested in motorizing this, perhaps using my 1:246 gearbox, that would be fantastic.

Great job, I am glad this is printable, it is a great design!