by PrintThatThing Apr 27, 2015
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This would be a cool tool for putting hats thru the washing machine. Maybe with a second larger size for the outside. In other words, sandwich a hat between 2 of these and throw it in the washer. My hats get pretty dirty and when I run them thru the washer it just bends them all to heck. This could be the answer . . .

What infill should I use?

I wonder if a dual nozzle could do something like black or glow as the frame, but put clear in between the triangles to make it solid.

Hi guys, I remixed this hat and chopped it into smaller pieces for smaller printers!

I love this hat!! I wish I could make it!!

I think this model is one of the models being sold on Ebay by Just3Dprint. They are using your photograph too. Thought you might want to know. http://www.ebay.com/itm/3D-Printed-Low-Poly-Hat-/262155602745?hash=item3d09b10b39:g:aD4AAOSwgyxWUgd1

Just3DPrint took down all their listings, but someone else is selling this
They are not giving proper credit. If you care, contact eBay

Nevermind, the license on this Thing is public domain. CC's website states:
"The person who associated a work with this deed has dedicated the work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights, to the extent allowed by law.

You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. See Other Information below."

So they're fine to sell that object on eBay.

At what speed did you print this ? mine looks a little droopie on some parts ? anyway awesome design love your videos ! keep up the good work man !

Hey Eplakaka,

Thanks for the love! Yeah mine droops sometimes too. You can use supports if you want more perfect lines but it uses A LOT more filament. I usually print it at .2mm or .3mm at 215ºC / Travel Speed: 150mm/s and Z-axis travel speed at 23mm/s. Hope that helps!

I've been printing these NON stop for the past few days getting ready for Nashville's 3D printing art show Replication 2.0


Sigh.... This is an EPICLY AWESOME model, but I don't have the print space for it (150x150x150mm). Any chance you can make halves?

Feel free to remix the file any way to work for your printer.

Feel free to remix the file any way to work for your printer.

Any chance two-halves files will be uploaded?

Feel free to remix the file any way to work for your printer.

How Long does it take to print because I only have 8 hours

I can print it all in about 6-8 hours on .4mm

Hi! I love this hat! Quick question though.. Do you need supports for it? Or should you be able to print it without supports?

Thanks!! :)

Printed this hat the other day without supports and it worked GREAT! I would print with a raft though. Would love to see your print if you make one

Would it fit on a Makerbot Replicator 2?

Not sure... try it. Also depends on your head size. I have a pretty large head which the model is sized for

Any way to get a working file for this, have a smaller print bed then usable... Would like to chop into pieces!

We utilize two Taz 5 printers with large enough print plates to print this as a whole piece. It would be great to make this for those that need it as one piece. Let me know!

I want to ask, how long does it take? Because I have limited time I can use a 3D printer

about 20 hours depending on your settings

you rock with this low poly hat! i'll print mine tonight!

Thanks for the love bro! Would love to see photos when it's done. Let me know if you have any issues.

Hi, Can you tell me if this fits a ultimaker platform/basplate? I really wanna make one! <3


Not sure the specs on the ultimaker. Right now the CAP.stl is 193mm (ear to ear) x 248mm (Back to ForeHead) x 122mm (Tall)

The true question: Is the Ultimaker platform as big as your head? :D Hope this helps. Would love to see a photo if you print it.

Thanks! i am such a newbie so i am just going to measure and try! Any idea how long the printing process is? I have to share the ultimaker so it's nice to let the others know! I will definitely post pictures! Thanks again!

Thanks for the love shiver40!

also how big is the platform has to be to print to the right size

this would be great as to advertise that we 3d print.... it would be great ice breaker too

Definitely! I've had SO many people compliment the hat and then we get to talking about 3D printing & other things. Good stuff! Thanks Thomas.

The size really depends on your head. I printed mine max size on my MakerBot Replicator. Pushed it to the EDGES! haha. I have dreads so I made mine a little larger than my head size. Right now the model is 193mm (ear to ear) x 248mm (Back to ForeHead) x 122mm (Tall)

I am now trying to make one, with how large, everyone be warned, make sure you bed is level. even a small difference you will notice

Slap a slightly larger version on top of a printed one of these and you can zip-tie them together to run dirty hats through the washing machine.. :)

Hahaha! Thats exactly what my sister said when she saw it. Thanks for commenting UKcat.