Customizable fancy pencil holder (you choose the number)

by net_id Apr 28, 2015
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I can't print it without many infill, because the bottom for the crayon holes is in the air. Support structure is unfortunately not generated from cura there.
Can you touch the bottom from the holes to the toplayer from the inside the ring?

Sorry for my poor english.

Thank you very much

Did you lay the print flat in cura?
What setting did you choose for your design?
You should not need any support.

Sorry for my poor english. I hope you can me understand, when you see the Video from Cura.


I really like this - but you forgot to check the "Customizer" option in the latest revision, so it no longer opens in Customizer

Didn't notice that uploading a new version removed the customizer tick- oh well. Fixed now. Thanks for point this out.

Hey, nice tool, i tried 30 pens with 16.4mm diameter. But it dont works and I dont understand the full skript.... Could I ask you to adjust the script that it works for every diameter and number of pens? Thank you very much.

... no I played with some values and it nearly fits... but how I can increase the bottom thickness?

Wow!! They're BIG pencils at over twice normal size. Thanks for the tip. Try the updated I just uploaded.
Glad you like it.

Thank you very much net_id.
Yes, the pens are cool :-) (for my kids)

Thanks. I'm glad you (and apparently many others) like it so much. :{)

I say this should be the next featured design.

Hi! I've done many reviews in the past, such as the book willow in google reviews, and I just had to say that, though this may look cool on the surface there was actually many different things going on. Now you may think,"what other things?" Well I shall tell you. At first glance and the base portion of this website, it would seem that this project was made by a 3D printer, now no one blames you for thinking this but you're wrong. This was actually made by 23 young children, it was not slave labor, but I would still appreciate it if you gave them credit. Thx >-< #ObamaOut

I'm an art teacher and I am always looking for new types of ideas for my students!
I'm looking forward to try this out!

Could you add "%" symbol near the "#"? So "debug pencils" will not appear after renderring to STL. :)

The debug I supposed to only show you what it will look like with pencils in it. The option should be turned off before you do any export. Having said that, I'll take your suggestion on board.

Is there a reason the holes max out at 48 in the Customizer? I have a colored pencil set with 50 pencils and I don't want to leave anyone out...

Great design, anyhow.

Duh. I downloaded OpenSCAD and changed the value to 50 to export an .stl. (Hopefully it wont crash again on export...)

Thanks again.


Hi Jason,
The limits of 48 was to prevent the design being too big to print on a 20x20cm bed.
Crashing? In the openscad? I'll have to try that.


The OpenSCAD crash was just my computer being dumb. It worked the second go around.
And yeah, I also learned the size limit after I modified and loaded it into PreForm....

I have access to a DMLS stainless steel printer for work with a bigger bed. Maybe when I get bored, I'll try and make the most expensive pencil holder ever. :)

If you do make it in stainless (after winning the lottery) please let us all see it

What's the diameter of the holes?

Hi Nojo121,
From the included scad file : pencil_dia = 8.1; // point to point
HTH. ...Laurie:{)

i love it. Thank you!

Thanks. Glad you like it.

This is a really cool idea however, when I opened it in OpenSCAD to adjust the number of pencil holders, I was given an error when I tried to preview and render it. The program had a problem with your 'show_test_pencils' variable. What does this do exactly? Also I noticed that the final bracket in the code, does not match with anything. Just some feedback :)

I fixed this some time ago but forgot to post the reply - sorry for the delay.

nice nice idea: smart and awesome in look, compliments

Great Job! Simple design, clean lines, yet very complex angles. Thanks for the time to put the customizer together. Wish TinkerCAD did not crash during my SnowFlake pencil holder. I had it set with 8 with in one and had to dumb it back to one. Would love to run it in the customizer here on Thingiverse.

Oh, so that's how you make it customizable!!! :)

Looks nice.
If you modify the scad file a tiny amount and add the Customizer tag, it will work with customizer (Info here: http://customizer.makerbot.com/docs)