Tower Simple XL, building a 3D Printer under 200$

by LinkBH Apr 29, 2015
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I realize this is a pretty old post, but would someone be able to cut this frame for me? I'd pay for it of course

What if this was made with laser cut rack and pinion gears with a GT2 profile? (so the gt2 gear is the gear) Or possible I can machine a 5mm rack?

is it possible to get the arduino File for the Printer so i can Change some Settings ? like Language and others ? thanks

What is the base size of this? How much room on a desk/table does it need?

Stabilizers for Tower XL http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1267404

What have set safe speed printing? I was set to 50mm but still is too much. At 30mm it's ok.

30mm/s~50mm/s is appropriate.

Ok thx.
I have last question ;)
I try connect printer to my laptop via usb but not work.
Is the firmware is enabled communication with the computer?

Where is the source of the firmware? Where'd comes from a firmware? Can you share?

What extruder I need to buy (link from ebay?)

You need MK8 extruder

what are the dimentions of the acrylic and wood before the cut (what should i buy to be cut)? are the blueprints in metric?

Hello chunkygravy ,the blueprints in metric is "mm", and the thickness of material is 6mm. actually you can lasercut all the parts(including acrylic parts) by wood materal.

My local laser cutter asked what the kerf size is.

In a strict technical sense we can definitely cut these parts for you. If they will work well in an assembled printer is another question. I think it’s unlikely they would work without significant tweaking. Different laser cutters have different kerf sizes/shapes and this will make the actual cut parts/holes slightly different sizes from what is drawn. If the the parts don’t fit properly when cut as drawn, the only choice is to re-draw some or all of the parts. This could be very expensive.

any additional info on this process wold be helpful in production.

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I imagine for laser on ply it would be 0.25mm

Hi, Would I need to make significant changes in this if I cut this from 0.25 inch acrylic? Would the finger joints need to be adjusted? It's much more common to find that kind of material here

Actually you can lasercut all the parts(including acrylic parts) by 0.25 inch wood materal. There will be a little tight but still work.

Sorry bro, 0.25 inch acrylic unavailable.

Shop near me has 0.25 acrylic. As long as you think the fit would work.

Nop, wood works but acrylic can't, never use 0.25(in) acrylic .

Nice work, I love the esimplicity of this machine. I can get 6mm aluminium laser cut at reasonable price, do yo think it will work well?

Oh, acrylic can't work? Is there a particular reason?

I notice that on the acrylic part, the z and Y brackect, it seems that the bearing holder is not perpendicular, is it intentional?

And thickness of wood & acrylic.

I notice that on the acrylic part, the z and Y brackect, it seems that the bearing holder is not perpendicular, is it intentional?

It’s considering the reason of tolerance.

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i would like to build this using my cnc mill any chance that you can space out parts in dxf files buy 4mm

Can you tell me the size of the largest laser cut pieces? I want to make sure my laser cutter is big enough!

I collect all wood parts in two pieces in 450mm385mm, and the largest piece is the mainbody piece size 310380 at least.

When we open the file, it does not open to scale. Can you provide the dimensions of each file? The wood Xl is 450mmx385mm, what about the rest?

I add a 50mm*50mm square of reference files, check it out and adjust the size if it is not in the correct size.

How did you calculate the "under 200$" part?

It's just a range of less than 200$, It depends on where you live and where you go to buy these parts.I buy these things on Alibaba, these things will be more expensive on ebay.

this is a printrbot wood simple makers kit in a case

Yes, you are right, this is a 1.5x build volum printrbot wood simple in a strong case with filament mount, and it's not makers kit, i don't sell any makers kit, it's opensource and free.