Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade (Dual Action)

by PiggyJJ Apr 30, 2015
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can i please have a list of things you need that isnt 3d printed please.

For all the others, who also found it so difficult to understand how exactly the part is assembled and above all how it works, here's a video that actually explains everything super!

it doesnt tell you ho to put it together though

Can anyone print a better assassins creed logo pice, for some reason mine does not fit in the sound cloud, that and It could be bigger and better fitting for the line case piece.

So for anyone with questions here is a few. Now the flippers are going to be the trickiest part of this project. What he suggested isn't all that
clear. What you are supposed to do is use a pen spring, unravel it with some pliers and then use it to make a spring that will activate the flippers. What I did was unravel the spring, cut a small section/piece, fold it in half and twist the ends together while still maintaining a loop (this is to ensure that it fits in the tiny hole on the case opposite to where the flippers are in place. BE WARNED I FOUND THAT THE FRONT FLIPPER IS TOO LONG FOR THE MODEL AND HAD TO JUST CUT IT DOWN IF THE FLIPPERS FAIL THEN SO DOES THE ACTION. For the locks place them both in the channel on the case with the holes facing towards each other. Next, use a paperclip to make a tiny hook for a rubber band to connect the two and super glue the hood in place and bend them over the band to prevent slipping.

Please if anything is not fitting right or seems kind of messed up, do not be afraid to reprint or cut some pieces down. For me, I accidentally took some pieces while they were cooling and they got a little warped. If this happens either place them in the oven at a low temp on a flat surface or do what I did and run some really hot water over it (NOT SCOULDING) and bend it.

Can you please like private message me and tell me everything cause I'm very confused on how to put it together

Do you have a pic of your lock setup ?

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Awesome! What springs did you use? The link included in the model’s description doesn’t work for me.

I got all the part, and I made everything, I don't understand, how to install the locks, and how to make the lock push outward.

What size print bed do you need to make this?

This is not working for me, the problem come from the flippers they are maybe too small.

for me it was the opposite, one of them needs to be smaller so it can lock towards the bottom of the blade, after that my blade worked a lot better

I have a question, I have printed everything, but how do you install the locks I don't understand.

the locks are fairly simple to install, first and foremost they go in the channels at the right of the case ( with the channel where the blade comes out facing away from you) with the holes facing towards each other. The holes in the blade are used to hold a paperclip/ wire/hook that needs to be glued in place, for me I used some paperclips and glued them in place. Finally, I placed a rubber band connecting the two making sure the hook I inserted doesn't interfere with the movement of the locks and it slides smoothly

could this be scaled down to fit a 100mm x 100mm print bed?

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Can you make one for right hands

Dont want to be one of those guys but the blade is technically made for righties, in the game the ring to activate the blade is on either the ring finger or the middle

Really cuz I was just gonna print it and just use for rights without doin anythin to it

I might try that then

how do you make i go that smooth?

I used the blade part to make a Hook blade from Assassin's Creed Revelations but I want to know if i should make it longer or keep it small

how to put in the string

can you post a instructional video

I found these online. not the steps for the actual blade but it is a similar one. just make sure to put springs behind the flippers.

Hey can you please show us the steps to make this plz

hello can anyone pls have a better explanation for the instruction icant understand them at all, if anyone has built it would u pls skype with me to help me build it i would totally appreciate it

Were the instructions for this ever posted? Really would like the help on this.

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I just wasted $10 on parts that warped and made it not slide out like it is suppose to, use "PLA" it will make it work.

Can't get the flapping lock springs to stay in place, they keep dislodging themselves and the blade won't eject.

does anyone have a video tutorial on this?

anyone know what the purpose is for the Bladecover part?

I have not print the parts, but I think it goes at the front of the case to hold the knife in place.

Hey, I downloaded the files for this design and I have it uploaded for pre-order for printing. However, I am concerned with the measurements of each part. The case and the cover do not seem to be equivalent in size for fitting correctly during assembly. If I can get any feedback on this or feedback from anyone who has printed these files with success please let me know. Thanks in advance.

If anyone has the dimensions of each part and their measurements for a successful project, please reply. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

How much filament in meters does this exactly need?
I want to make a business with the prints I make.

If you want to sell stuf you gonna have to design it your self or directly the creator ask permition to sell it

You can not make a business off this print. It is licensed under non-commercial, meaning you are not allowed to receive monetary compensation for this item.

you are right, i think its kind of disgusting that those people dont even check that

Sorry m8 but I think I sent
4 times the same message by mistake (and im not english any way so pardon m
y mistakes)

Sorry m8 but I think I sent
4 times the same message by mistake (and im not english any way so pardon m
y mistakes)

This blade is really cool and I am going to print it soon but does the extended one assemble the same as this one?

I wish this had a instructional video

awesome work! but i have one suggestion:

in my opion, the flippers need to be little bit wider....the two endings just fit in the holes of the case and cover..but the will easily get out of the holes once the rubber band ist stretched.

could you put together an instructional video or diagram and post for assembling this? I'm not sure how to assemble.

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When i get me' old Rais3D N2 + i'll be making one of these.

I'm using the M3D printer, and one of the pieces is too small. Can I scale it as long as everything else is scaled or will it not fit correctly?

is it made all scaled because i got it print and it doesnt fit ;(

is it made all scaled because i got it print and it doesnt fit ;(

is it made all scaled because i got it print and it doesnt fit ;(

is it made all scaled because i got it print and it doesnt fit ;(

I can't seem to be able to figure out how to put the pen spring in to make the flap stay open.

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i got it asembeld the retraction works great but the blade dosent full extend out the casing. it seems to stop just short of loking. any sugestions or tips

is there anyway u could sell me this on ebay or something if so please let me know i would love one but i dont have a printer

is there anyway u could sell me this on ebay or something if so please let me know i would love one but i dont have a printer

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i got mine working i edited some parts

How do you insert the springs?

hej can you help me ? my hidden blade is not working :(

What problem do you seems to have? I haven't completed mine as yet. I can't seem to find a pen spring small enough to fit in the groove.

The link to the spring is broken.

Looks awesome, but how big of a print area do you have to have to print this?

20cm x 20cm would be nice

this is absolutely awesome, but can I get a size on the spring?

Printing mine, I'm printing one a bit smaller to accomodate my printer but the same instructions should still apply. Can you make a -video- on how to put it together? That'd be more convienient for everyone who has printed one.

true, plz can you make a video of how to assemble it?

true, plz can you make a video of how to assemble it?

true, plz can you make a video of how to assemble it?

true, plz can you make a video of how to assemble it?

dude whats your problem? why do you post every comment 4 times?

hiii!!!! i would like to know if this hidden blade work please? :)

Could you possibly make a Templar, gear, and or Pirate replacement for the assassins symbol?

you could draw your own and replace it tho

how much material do all the parts use?

I understand the entire mechanism up until the part called "bladecover". Where does this fit in? For anyone not familiar with the names, it's the small rectangular bar with 45 degree angles on two of the adjacent corners.

I believe it fits on the rounded end of the casing. Maybe to stop the blade from fully ejecting?

So how are the pen springs actually installed and what length should they be? The instructions are not very specific about that.

anyone know how to add supports for the soundcloud file?

I use Simplify3d, but meshmixer is free and might work.

Though honestly, I had to remove that weak post and extrude the big flat disk to about 140% to keep it from slipping under the plate. Then I drilled into it and made my own post. That made it so you could print it upside down and reduce the support.

Still doesn't fricken work, but with an inertial flourish it'll lock.

I've printed all the parts, but I just can't for the life of me get the damn blade to stay after triggering.

I have tried whittling down the flapper posts, removing friction throughout the blade path and on the blade, increasing and decreasing the rubber band tension, and sanding down the locks so they slide smoother. It just won't lock without a ton of shaking!

The blade has a ton of friction on it so when it flicks forward it almost immediately stops. When I pull it apart the blade slides smoothly and easily when pushed by hand. Any tips for fixing this? also the flippers don't have enough force to lock they're too light and there is too much friction.

sand all of it really good

printed it but I wasn't able to make it work plus the flipper are too small and my printer isn't able to print them

eyyy, video is up. Sorry for the extremely late response. Exams, building construction etc. made this almost impossible to make. I also took the old one down because of how bad it was. This one is still bad but hey, at least it's up... Link to the new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSsYXUm7-b0&feature=youtu.be

Can someone please post a video on how to assemble this? For the life of me I cannot put this together by following the instructions.

Case doesn't print correctly. the walls aren't high enough

Great design, I have a few questions, Whats the best way to print the sound cloud, and has anyone made a video or have detailed instructions??

Hello i really like this i am currently making my own but this is a nice one to have untill then could you please add screw holes onto the soundcloud wheel casing pleas so you dont need to glue it down but instead just screw it on making it easy to repair also what program did you use to make this model and how do you do all the weird shapes and stuff etc. THankyou

i'm designing a new one currently so not gonna plan on modifying this model anymore :/

i'm going to upload the video some time this week as i'm currently printing the parts now :)

Thank you. That'll be awesome

Once you have made the new one could you please please if you have the time fix this model just by adding screw holes to the wheel cover and also add a rime above the slot where the string runs in the sound old so that the string does not come off and also what programs are you using to make this stuff PLEASE REPLY!!!!!

i used sketchup

when are u gonna post the new one ;3

Thanks also when will the new design come out or be published on thingiverse I'm excited!!

An instructional video for the building process would be great. This is the first project that i have started that i will have to assemble. I got the last of my pieces printed on the Fortus at my work. I will post pictures as soon as I get it built.

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If you guys really need a instruction video, you'll have to wait till my 3D printer arrives probably early next month

Do you already have the video?

can you upload a video showing how you build all the parts together? that will be extrmely helpful!!

In my opinion, a cam mechanism for the 'soundcloud' component would make the DA activation much smoother and less likely to malfunction.

can you re-upload the switch when I go to slice it it says there are some errors with the file.

I can now forge a real blade for this

Wow.. The final version is much better than I thought. You're awesome, man

There are some errors in the models. Please check and fix. And on your place I'd make a separate files for those who don't want to print with support

i used sketchup to model these, which isn't a great idea lol

can't actually fix all the models but they print fine on my side though

lol okay. I hope cover and body match up now, cause mine was a bit shorter for some reason.

Will this be the final version or are you gonna change something else?
I want to print this version to but want to wait until it is ready ;)

this is the final version :) any more would be an addon

Ok thank you than I will print this one to :)
Are you making a tutorial video on how to bring the parts together?
Or should I make a video :D

Thank you again my friend

if i have time
but putting them together is really easy now, since most parts are already together

I downloaded your old version from May 16 and the parts.stl file didnt work.
All the other pieces are printed but this one failed :/

But by the way thank you for sharing it :)
I built a hidden blade like this out of wood and know how the mechanism works but your one is a little bit thiner.

glad you like it :)

Thank you piggyJJ i have been looking for something like this for a long time now, so for you posting this i will subscribe to your youtube channel. :)

Assembly is very familar to this tutorial http://www.instructables.com/id/Assassins-Creen-Hidden-BladeDAGGER/?ALLSTEPS
I think then you can easily figure out how rotary mechanism work with left parts

I agree with the others. As I sit here, staring at a collection of parts, it occurs to me that instructions are drastically needed.

some updates for this

I'm currently modelling a much more easier to print and assemble version which would require lesser effort to make.

those that have printed this, don't worry as it's almost the same and there will be instructions for both versions :)

PiggyJJ this thing is GREAT! but not just me personally but others need an assembly video please and is there a ring mechanism and are there other parts needed like pins and springs?

you'll need stuff like pen spring, rubber band etc but they are all easily found in your household so no worries :)

ok thanks so everyday things and did u get a chance to print it yet?

I can see how a lot of this goes together, but it seems like it would need additional pieces, like maybe springs, or even pins, for it all to actually work. It looks like the switch presses two levers that are part of the 'parts' file, which presumably releases a spring loading mechanism. The two rectangular parts with the corners cut off seem to engage the blade, so they must move that. I'm a little fuzzy on the exact purpose of some of the other parts in the parts file.

yup, you're correct :)

gonna be printing the stuff in a few days time hopefully

what are the dimensions of this print because i have a replicator and need to know if this print will work on my printer

The longest part came out as just under 20cm. About 198mm

about 23~cm long for the biggest one? gotta check it again tho

did u ever figure out the dimensions?

I have my hidden blace printed, please post an assemble video.
so freaking good thing. I upload the made soon.

Comments deleted.

ya i agree but can you send me the dimensions please if you have it printed email me at [email protected]

How do i assemble it? Does this model has the ring mechanism?

i''ll be posting the instructions once i get time to print another one

and yes it has the ring mechanism :)

Wow, this is great. Great work!!