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by tc_fea Apr 23, 2011
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Darn darn ... You are so close to one of the popular dollhouse scale. There are 5 popular dollhouse scales:

"dollhouse scale" (also known as "inch scale", and "1:12 scale") represents a foot in one inch. This is the most popular dollhouse scale.

"half scale" (also known as "half inch scale", and "1:24 scale") is the second most popular dollhouse scale where a foot is represented by a 1/2 inch.

er scale" (also known as "quarter inch scale", and "1:48 scale") is another popular dollhouse scale where a foot is represented by a 1/4 inch. This is actually one of my favourite scales.

"144th scale" (also known as "dollhouse for a dollhouse scale", and 1:144 scale) is used popularly for dollhou
ses that are in dollhouses, and a foot is represented by 1/12th of an inch.

"Barbie scale (also known as "play scale" and "1:6 scale") represents a foot in 2 inches.

Your scale is "close but no cigar for miniaturists" to half scale. Using half, a desk of the standard 30 inches tall would be 1.25
inches tall. If you used this desk for half scale, it would stand 2 inches short which in real life would be awkward.

If you want your pieces to become even more popular to be downloaded by folks who have half scale dollhouses and roomboxes, I would suggest resizing the set 105.8%, which would bri
ng it up to half scale.

Do you think you might be interested in doing that? I have three pieces in half scale I would like to upload as part of your set. I can easily resize them and will do so if you remain at your original scale.


I had not been aware of dollhouse scales. I simply used 1 mm = 1 inch because at times I am rather simple minded.

It is very easy to rescale things in ReplicatorG 24 using the scale buttion. As you indicate for 1/24 inch scale the factor would be 25.4 / 24 = 1.058333... ( 1 mm = 1 in is 1/25.4 scale)

My suggestion would be for someone to add items to this group at whatever scale that person desires and if i
t is not the 1 mm = 1 in (1/25.4) scale I proposed, to simply state what the scale is. Then we can all rescale as desired. Comments, suggestions anyone?

1:24 is a common modelling scale.

But I agree that if we add cube farm stuff that we include what scale we used to make it easier for other to resize if they wanted to.

I had a thought. if we keep adding things, we could make the entire office building. yes, even the electrical rooms, chillers on the roof, everything!

someone should totally do a scale cray just for the heck of it.

I made a server/networking rack for the "server room" cube_farm expansion set!


Cube Farm Rack
by mrbug

I'll make raised floor tiles and the supporting fromework!

just need to make the tiles...

I like it. will have to print some.

It needs a mini Mendel for the desk. You should figure out the scale compared to regular sized objects so we can scale everything down correctly. Needs a phone, maybe a whiteboard, and a huge tangle/mess of wires connected to a power strip on the floor. :)

the scale is roughly 1 mm virtual = 1" real.

Love your ideas for add-ons. Maybe somebody familiar with a mini-mendal can design one. :)

as for cords, print a thin box, extrude into it a bit, then remove the box somehow.

the approach used for pine tree http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:7018 and http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:7096 could be use to make a real rat's nest of wires. :)

Pine Tree
by tc_fea
More Pine Trees
by tc_fea

Um, yeah...about those TPS reports...

Ted's working on those right now!