Customizable Easy Gyro

by atartanian Apr 30, 2015
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By using the customization tool, how can i control the inner diameter to 78 mm of the smaller ring?

thank you for your help

This should be the next featured. It is amazing, and easily customizable. It is simple!

this was a great print and spins very smoothly

printed very nicely on my da vinci mini w and there were no problems and is very easy to move

Heel leuk hebbedingetje

Can I scale this down or will it not work if I do?

it depends on how precise your printer is and how far you scale it down. the .stl might not even work for some printers, which is why I made this a customizer so you can tweak the design settings to match your printers capabilities. the best way to find out if scaling it down will work is to try it :) if it doesn't work, try using customizer to generate a smaller gyro, but with the default tolerances.

Every time I make one I end up giving it away when I show it to someone. They all have to have one. I had no problems printing it. I scaled up for larger ones with no problems. NO POST PROCESSING REQUIRED!!! I used a Lulzbot mini printer with the supplied high quality profile.

:) glad to hear it's such a hit!

I have put this in my ADHD Box cause it's so entertaining for no reason!

I love it, thanks for sharing, it's awesome!

I printed the default one without customization with 0.3 resolution it works great.
You need no rafts or support.
Hint: print with thick walls - just walls actually - (0.4 line width 4 shells or wall line count) and it speeds up the printing and adds some mass to the gyro.


thank you for this awesome customizer, its so useful and has really inspired some ideas that i'll share soon! that said, is there a way i can remove the connecting cones? i tried to remove the code but it gives me an error. i need something like this ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:320853 ) which rotates freely in all axies, but also need to be able to customize the ring sizes and tolerances. i have tried to edit them out manually but i still have so much to learn and its proving really tricky. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gyro rotating rings

replace line 36 with


I am trying to create something similar to this in inventor and I don't quite understand how the spinning mechanism in the rings works could by any chance explain how you did it

Look at it with the thing viewer you can zoom in & see the little cones and the divots they fit into.

the .scad file under the "Files" tab (which is just a text file and can be opened in any text editor) has a lot of documention about the design as code comments. Have a look at that first and if you need firther clarification let me know and i can draw a diagram for you :)

I feel like this would not work because the file has all the pieces together... how is it that the pieces arent getting stuck?

The peices are carefully designed to print without interfering with each other provided the printer doesn't have to many stringy printing issues and is reasonably accurate. Even for less accurate printers you can use customizer to adjust the tolerances between the parts. I hope that helps answer your question. If not let me know and I'll try to make a video or something to explain how interlocking parts can be designed for FDM printers.

Curious that it prints for some, and not for others. I am not familiar with OpenScad, but the compile crashed at line #19

Parser error in line 19: syntax error

ERROR: Compilation failed!

with no customization on my part.

That's odd. What version of OpenSCAD are you using?

I checked, and yes there is (are) new versions, including a nightly one. Unfortunately, they appear to use nonstandard methods of installation which seem to be the cause of my crash. Please note that your software is not unique in this problem. I have had similar issues with other versions of OpenSCAD.

Many moons ago I would have taken this as a challenge. With some 50K pieces of software in the Debian library, I can't (won't) stop to make them work them unless I really need them.

I have to admit that my interest was piqued by your rather excellently designed gyroscope.

Best wishes for your future designs,

OpenSCAD 2014.03 running under Debian Jessie

Thank you for your rapid response. I will check to see if there is a new version, although my recollection (poor) is that it was not well supported.

Thanks a lot for this. It has really made my experiments easy to accomplish.

The customizer wont launch for me. What is the gap between the rings in the included stl?

Hello atartanian,
My name is Dave Bahr and I'm a middle school special education teacher here in Oregon. I've printed nearly 70 (yes seventy!) of these customized versions for my students, many of whom have ADHD, behavioral needs, or are cognitively delayed in many regards. I've found these to be a great alternative and tool for students to help them focus in classes by keeping their hands busy allowing their brains to focus on the lesson at hand. I've found it also stimulates left-brain right-brain interactions further increasing attention and retention in classes. Teachers have unsolicitedly commented on how these once distracted learners are able to more fully participate in classes and discussions with less talking, pencil tapping, or walking around the room than ever before.
I'm writing to seek your permission in making these widely available to other teachers and students by posting these on an etsy site. If willing, I'd be forever grateful and would of course provide credit to the original creator (you).
Feel free to post a response on here or email me directly at [email protected] .

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dave Bahr

Hi Atartanian,

Thanks for sharing.

I have a question:
This is my first time I print the Gyro, After I printed it I tried to rotate it slowly, ring by ring, but it broke, in your video it shows so smooth and perfect. Did you use any extra materials to fix the rings together?

Please let me know what should I do after the print is read and rigid.



The Gyro does not have any material connecting the rings by design. If that's happening, you might want to adjust the tolerance setting using customizer

atartanian, i love this! i made 2 so far.
i am so glad you made it customizable

question - is there a way to add a bevel, or contour to the edges of the rings? i'm thinking that will make it run smoother and give it a slightly more polished feel when looking at it and spinning it.
i know it runs somewhat smoother with a larger space between the rings, but that can cause a lack of stability because the gimbals and rings will also be further apart,


This is freaking awesome! whenever i take it out and start to play with it the people around me get curious and ask if they can get one as well XD already made 11 of them, and there are more to be made! (including a 180mm diameter one with 12 rings)

if anyone wants this printed contact me at [email protected]
please no spam.

I just made one, it works great... very interesting!

may i know the exact settings u use for that one??

The Gyro in the photo is the default setting of the customizer which is also the same as the .stl file attached to this thing.

I am eager to make this contraption, thanks Atartanian!

Great model! Thank you

Do you recommend to print with supports or without?

this will print perfectly without supports

Thanx for support. It works great! :) nice work.

And I say thanks for lack of support!

I provide a 0% support guarantee! You're welcome ;)