Aeropress filter cap

by jsc May 1, 2015
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I would like to have this without the holes around the sides. I want to stop coffee overflowing if I put the aeropress on a mug that is only just big enough. In addition, coffee coming out the sides is not filtered so I wonder why they are there. I am unable to modify the model using 123D design
I would then print in ASA as this is heat stable

Here is the A360 link for the design: https://a360.co/2WJf6iS

You can download from there in many different formats.

I have a roll of PolyCarbonate and will give it a try. Everything it print in Polycarb is amazingly strong and high temp resistance. I will post when I get it done. Thanks.

Do you have a model of the chamber? I want to see if I can have it fabricated in metal and need a model to show the machine shop.

The "chamber"? Don't know what you mean. All I've got is what is there.

You have to use PC.

PETg should be food-safe. . .

Yes, but PETG has a glass transition temperature variously listed as 75-81C, which is at the very low end for coffee brewing.

I printed one in PETG and can confirm it's not a good choice. It deformed about 1/4" on the first (and only) shot I pressed with it. I used water from a boiling electric kettle, so probably >95C.


Yeah... as I noted, it's not going to be workable with most filaments. Polycarbonate works, but is hard to deal with.