TinyOLED - Simple DIY Display Controller

by enif May 1, 2015
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Just printed and there's just no way the 1,3" can fit in there. The case should be 3-5mm "higher" for the PCB to fit in there.
I got mine from http://www.hkmakers.hk/
edit: I printed the 130 complete.

Hkmakers.hk are selling a different PCB with their own layout, but unfortunately they are now using the same name I used for my project. Their PCB is not compatible with the PCB I designed and published with this project (see the PDF PCB layout file and also the technical description in the RepRap forum linked to in the main description). So it's clear that the hkmakers' board will not work with my STLs. But since you also have access to the OpenScad source, you can always try to adapt the SCAD file for for the hkmakers board...

That's a shame.. thought they were the same actually. Thank you for clearing it up. Will make an adaptation at some point (remix from yours),

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Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this.