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Pocket-Tactics: Sons of Muspelheim (Third Edition)

by Jeremy8077 May 1, 2015
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Does the elemental fire that can be summoned by the fire walker have to be from your reserves of captures? Or is it extra? How many can you summon?

Thanks for the questions! As written, I can totally understand the confusion. However, when I created them I intended the Fire Walker to be able to summon any unit with the type Elemental (Fire) from reserves into an open adjacent tile. So, for this set, it'd be the 2 Whisps and the Lava Flow. For game balance reasons I only included 3 Elemental (Fire) units in this set, but if you're customizing sets and wanna load up on Elemental (Fire) types, the Fire Walker can summon one per activation until your out of Elemental (Fire) types in reserve.

Stay tuned though, Pocket-Tactics is undergoing big changes. All of these pieces will be fully compatible, but the new versions might be slightly different. If you make some of these guys, post em! Tell me a story about their adventures and the things they've stomped!

Hi Jeremy!
TL;DR "wasteland terrain tile" STL file is missing. On purpose? Accident? Either way, great game!

I recently stumbled across Pocket-Tactics here on Thingiverse, and I gotta say, it's pretty cool. I can tell that a lot of effort was put into keeping things balanced, which I imagine is a rather tough aspect in a dynamic game like this.
As I was nesting the units for this faction, I noticed that there were no terrain tiles to print. The PDF calls for 10 "Wasteland" tiles, but after digging through the other factions I downloaded, and (I'm pretty sure) most everything on dutchmogul's page regarding Pocket-Tactics, I could only find one faction that had the STL file for the "Wastelands", the Quanar Night Cult: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:609167.
Given the strategy of this faction (which I really like), I figured that a player would just start with whatever terrain tiles they had, and lay waste to the rest of the board as the game progressed. It just seemed like slow way to start if you play as the Sons.

Your thoughts?

Pocket-Tactics (Third Edition): Quanar Night Cult

Argh!! Yeah, thanks for letting me know and, also, for the encouraging words. Let me know what you think if you play the Sons. I was trying to bring a little Ragnarok to PT. I dig the 'play with what you have' Idea when playing the Sons. I'll get the waste tiles posted in a jiff. Thanks again.

Hey, thanks for the words! Speaking for Jeremy (he can clarify if I'm off base), the set should include 10 wasteland tiles, so I'm sure he'll get it uploaded. But yeah, in the meantime, a lot of the sets in this collection have Wasteland tiles, including the core rules page (which is all tiles). These are all of the current sets, by the way, although we are in the midst of a revamp (new edition?) which we'll be launching soon.

Thanks for the quick response! Guess I missed those ones. New stuff? Can't wait! I'll just be printing away in the mean time.
Will this revamp/new edition will feature game mechanics tweaks? Like, "If a Brood Swarm....Roll 1D6: 4+, swap it with any....", or something like that.

Keep up the good work!

Heya! Great looking army, but where is the .pdf with the rules? ;)

Ummm...er....ummm...what a rookie mistake! Sorry, fixed now and thanks for the up!

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Thanks man! Let's see how they play!