Solidworks Gear Generator

by msruggles Apr 26, 2011
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Excellent work msruggles, this is a great application, thank you very much for shearing.
I was able to create ring gears for planetary using the Convert Entities tool, creates a large file and takes a long time to Rebuild but works beautifully.

Amazing! Works perfectly!
Thank you so much for making this available!

Thanks! This really helped me. The SolidWorks toolbox doesn't go down to a 9 tooth gear and I needed one for a planetary gearbox that I am designing/printing. Long story short is that I would have had to go up to a 12 tooth gear and the finished gearbox would have been far too large.

Thanks... This is time save and works great.

I had an issue which was I had KingSoft Office instead of Microsoft excel and it would not work.
I have now installed XL 2010 and all works great.

Can you advise on how to turn these into internal or ring gears?

This is amazing! Works right out of the box.

Is there any way to change the amount of backlash?


you have done a nice job .
thanks for that.
can you help me regarding how to use a design table(excel sheet) in solidworkd deasign.

This is really nice! thank you! Helped me with a few work related things too

Just struggling to get the Excel file to talk to the Solidworks file, and i cant edit the solidworks file because everything is locked by the excel file, help please!?


This is so amazing that you made and shared this. Thanks a bunch! Great work!

I've used your file in one of my open source projects. I noticed you don't have a license here. I've used Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0), which is a copyleft license. Can you give me permission to apply this license to your file in my project, or alternatively license your part with something compatible? I am updating my readme to reflect the inclusion of your part now, as I spaced when I originally released it.
Nice file, thanks for making it!
Here's the project it is used in:

Taylor, Creative Commons Attribution is fine by me. I'm trying to get it updated on Thingiverse, but it's giving me problems I don't have time to deal with right now. Looks like a neat project.

Awesome, thanks!

This is an awesome resource, thanks for sharing!!!

Hey, I stuggle getting this sheet to work. im trying to get two gears with the parameters shown below. can somebody help me?
Reference Pressure Angle
Number Of teeth
Center distance
Reference diameter
Base diameter
Tooth depth
Tip diameter
Root Diameter
Pitch diameter

This thingy is great. But can you help me with designing a helical gear with this codes in solidwrks 13

Best option is to search around on the web for Solidworks tutorials. There are a lot of different ways to make the gear helical. Two I can think of off hand are flex or sweep extrude along a helix.

Hello! First of all, thank you for this tool. I do have a question though: The SolidWorks part that was created with this tool has teeth that are not symmetrical. That is to say, one tooth face is not the mirror image of the other. Is that intentional?

That's a new one. Try downloading a fresh version of the file. Maybe yours got messed up somehow. Also, there are some tooth geometries that this file hasn't been tested for. If it is still giving you problems, let me know what parameters you want and I'll try with an alternate generator I have.

Hey, this is great. Thanks for putting this together!

Dude this is awesome.
For the people like me who don't know what to do whit these files:
open the Gear_Blank file with Solidworks -> In the left toolbar thingy (history , sensors , annotations,material ... ) -> Click on the 3th page (looks like 2 boxes on a staircase) -> right mouse on "Tables" -> Hide / show tree items -> right mouse on "Design Table" -> click on "Edit Table" -> exel thingy opens inside of solidworks -> edit the tables you like -> click outside of the excel thing -> the item will regenerate and you have your gear.

If this is all to confusing just google " Solidworks Design Tables" .

Thanks Spikee...that helped a lot!

Great work but Design tables, ugh. Something as simple as trying to change the teeth count becomes a PITA. Table!$C$3 then you look at other things that look at other things, etc... where it becomes a nested nightmare. :(

Yeah, design tables have their limitations, but it you only change the first four cells and ignore the man behind the curtain it works pretty well. I am working on condensing the equations so people can write code/make their own spreadsheet/whatever. There hasn't been a lot of interest for it, so it's low on my list of projects.

The reason there seems to not be a lot of interest in it is because people are using OpenScad and I rather go bang my head across a bed of rusty nails than play with that program and I am a programmer. I am one where I prefer my 3d in real time when creating my objects so Solidworks was a perfect match (I tried all of the Cad programs out there from free, to opensource, to the biggest names there are and SW fit me perfectly).

I do not know how to use Solidworks, I need a 32 tooth spur gear, 108 mm in dia 32 mm thick, Cna you help me Please

What file format would you like? STL? STEP?

.stl if you could please, thank you

Looks like just what I need. However... Is it still not possible to use anything but Excel to edit tables? This just boggles my mind. I don't really want to get Excel just to edit a few cells in a spreadsheet when I have a perfectly good alternative installed (LibreOffice). Why are they so stubborn?

I've tried in the past to save the spreadsheet in other formats, but the equations drop out. If you want, I can send you some of my source material and you can set up your own spreadsheet in whatever program you want. It won't integrate with SW like you can with excel, but you can save out a list of XYZ points and import the curves to SW.

Sorry about the late reply. The dashboard didn't show your comment, it seems to miss comments sometimes.

And thanks for the offer, maybe attach the files to the project so that other may benefit as well?

I'll see what I can do. As you can probably tell from the blistering rate at which I post things, it might take a little while.

No rush at all man, take your time :)

Please Help!

How do I changed the face width of the gear?

Edit the tooth extrude in the design tree. The face width is not controlled by the design table.

Please help ... when I create a new configuration and update the design table for the number of teeth, nothing changes. Maybe the tooth profile changes (can't tell), but the tooth circular pattern feature's "number of instances" property remains fixed. I don't see how to link the number of repeats to the design table.

In short you can only have one gear per part file. There are several different ways of extracting a dumb model and inserting several non-configurable gear blanks into a part file and create configurations that way. Check with the solidworks community for tips on how to do that.

In short you can only have one gear per part file. There are several different ways of extracting a dumb model and inserting several non-configurable gear blanks into a part file and create configurations that way. Check with the solidworks community for tips on how to do that.

OK, thank you. I thought I was using it incorrectly.

You can't create a new configuration. You have to modify the existing one via the first four cells in the design table. If you create a new configuration the equations won't transfer and general disarray will ensue.

You can't create a new configuration. You have to modify the existing one via the first few cells in the design table. If you try to create a new configuration the equations won't transfer, the sun will sink into a black hole and life as we know it will come to an end.

wow. I will figure out how to use this eventually...

Thanks works great with SW 2013.

Cant get this to work. I'm using SW 2012 & keep getting a 'not enough memory' error, which I doubt is true as I have 6Gb & was only running SW with the blank gear file.

Thank you for sharing!  This is the kind of things that will accelerate the design process of the whole community!!!!


Ugh, so much better than staring blankly at the machinists handbook for hours.

thanks a lot for your gears msruggles,

i tried to make a beavel gear but i think it doesnt run smoothly....
any advice how i can make it better? the small gear has a diameter of 2,5 cm and the big one 8cm they are both 7,5mm thick and there is a angle of 45 degrees between them.
Do you have an example of a beavel construction in solidw
greetings jelle

I would look at the bevel gear section from the technical library posted on SDP: http://www.sdp-si.com/D757/D757cat.htmhttp://www.sdp-si.com/D757/D75... (download the gear section, the bevel gear section starts on page 48 of the PDF). That should give you an idea of how the geometry is set up. I don't have a solidworks construct at the moment, but it's on the list of stuff I want to do.

thanks for the advice! I found a formula for the angle between the gears and i think i know now what to change i will let you know when it works

Thanks a bunch! I needed this and it works great!

Files saved in the current version of SolidWorks cannot be opened in older versions of SolidWorks. If you try to open a SolidWorks 2011 file using SolidWorks 2010, for example, you will get this error.

The recommended method for opening files from a future version is to Save As a Parasolid file (any version). Drawings can be saved as DXF/DWG (older version).

can you try this

If the file is saved out as anything other than Solidworks it will loose the design table. At that point you're better off taking the design table I posted and re-creating the model from scratch.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for!! Thank you so much! It's working great!

Thanks for posting this.. Now it will be easy to make my gears in SolidWorks.



I can import solidworks.

Is there some 30 day trial I could use to run this and then import the created objects into my own designs?

(It seems they once had a 90 day trial but all the links are now 404)

Not that I'm aware of. If you have some specific sizes in mind I can generate and post some STLs or STEPs for you.

That would be great!

A dedendum circle(and shaft)-Diameter of exactly 75,3(65,5mm) mm and

a matching second gear with something like 35(8mm)mm give or take a few mm.

Preferably with a 0.8/ 32 pitch.

That would be a lens-gear for a follow-focus.
These simple pieces of plastic run for
gt;80eur. :-E

I'll get right on it. Mind if I ask why you're specifying the dedendum diameter? Usually people go by the pitch diameter (for mounting distance) or the overall OD (for size constraints).

Because I'm not constrained by the mounting distance but by the amount of material between the lens and the gear. Too much and it's too inflexible for mounting the gear on the lens, too little and it simply breaks.

(I guess with a larger one I could still construct someting to still mount it on the lens.)

I too use SW2010, any chance of saving back to 2010?

Looks like I've got the same problem. :/ SW2010 here. And I was so excited too. Feel like sharing some insight as to how you produced this Msruggles?

Is it just me, or is there not a whole lot of information regarding how to make Spur/internal gears using Solidworks?

I added a screen shot of the design tree as well so hopefully you can make some sense of the table. I plan on redoing the calculations using some different formulas (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8382)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... that look a little cleaner, but that will probably be a while.

Java Gear Generator: Involute and Fillet

I used the spreadsheet I made here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:7881http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... as the seed for a design table. The design table controls the x,y position of a number of points which are then used to control two splines (one for the involute and one for the root/undercut). From there it's a matter of mirroring and circular patterns. I'll upload a copy of the design table for you to look at.

Gear Profile Generator

Looks like I can't save it as a previous version. Sorry :(

You are not alone ! SW user myself.