Doctor Who Snap-Fit Dalek

by jwolee Apr 28, 2013
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I spent the last 3 or 4 days trying to print this model out at 55%. It's been really helpful in getting my printer dialled in as it's a more detailed model than I'd usually print.
Now that I've finally got good results I have to say I'm very impressed with the model. The working swivel makes it all that much better.
It does occur to me that printing at 55% made the weapons even trickier to get right, but it was a good test for my printer. I'll print one off at 100% next.
Thanks for a great model. My girlfriend is a doctor who fan so It'll be appreciated :-)

decided to make larger so scaled up by 50% printed great weapons printed ok great model
used makerbot 2

I have tried the weapons on my MakerFarm Pegasus 10" and my CubeX Duo, but can't get either to work.
Love the rest of the model. Any updates to the weapons file that may work?

Great model and i really like the snap fit idea. Well done :)

Not having great luck with the weapons so far on my New Matter MOD-t with firmware 0.9.0 and sliced by Cura 15.04.4. Using New Matter's supplied 1.75mm PLA.

The supports don't seem to do so well in holding the lower nub ends of the weapons in place, they always detach at some point. I lowered the speeds like @mondotiki did 3 years back, doesn't seem to do much.

Idea appreciated.

Hat tip to the maker on this one, this is a great figure. I printed one for my son, and he loved it! The pose-ability of the head and body adds a lot to the figure. For something that is essentially a salt shaker, it gives it a fair amount of expression.
Nice work.
Had some problems printing the weapons, and had to make a custom raft for it which came out OK, but I will need to work on it a bit. but since they snap fit in perfectly to the model, and are a seperate file (nice work) I can futz around with it. Once I get that right I think I'm going to make an army of them for my desk at work. Maybe chasing around a Tardis.

Kisslicer Pro crashes after the first blue-plane pass (right before the 1st green-plan scan) every time. I even tried cleaning it up using netfabb basic. not sure what's going on.

When I'm loading the stl into a slicer (Sli3r or kisslicer) I'm getting very noisy STL, a lot of artefacts, especially on the bottom. Is anyone else experiencing this? I've tried to repair using netfabb cloud and it fails :(

I got an outstanding print on everything but the weapons. I can't keep them on the platform. The supports print and then they lose adhesion. I'm printing on a replicator 1 with the speed slowed down to 40 mm/s while extruding and 50 mm/s while traveling. Should I go slower or do you have other tips?

What type of material are you printing with and printing on? I find PLA on heated kapton sticks the best. Maybe wipe down the surface with acetone. Try increasing your flow rate for the supports, or decrease your starting nozzle height by .05-.1 mm to get a better smoosh. If the parts are curling off, try using a cooling fan. If the bed isn't perfectly level or heated, try moving the parts to another part of the bed.

I changed the speed even slower to 20 mm/s for both extrusion and traveling and it worked great. You have a very slick design!

Thank you! The weapon and stalk connectors were designed by guydebored, so thank him for that too. I was inspired by his design because I've always been jealous of new bot owners that can print way bigger than what my TOM do.

I'm starting to wonder if I printed the "middle" upside down with support if it would come out nicer since the rings have overhangs.

That is definitely something to try. The rings are concentric, but slightly tapered in one direction.

What material did you use to print this? 50% flow rate on supports is too low for me with ABS, I usually don't go below 70%. What did you use to slice it, and what support pattern was generated?

I print in PLA. Sliced in ReplicatorG 0040r11 (Sailfish) with PyPy on a Mac. The support pattern was pretty standard accordion style.

Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!!

Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!!

cute idea! looking forward to printing this.