Swiss Army Key Holder

by Evaken May 6, 2015
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Hello ! Thanks you for this design !

Hi Evaken, I am on my towns conservation commission, and want to print these as a giveaway at a local fair to drive awareness of our conservation efforts. Are you OK with me printing these and giving them away?

Absolutely, I'm okay with it! In fact, I love it! Go for it!

Just made one, looks great! Is everyone buying bolts and then grinding them back down to the washer or what are the details for assembly after printing the pieces?

Yeah thats what I did with mine. Just use a hacksaw or dremel to remove the excess bolt. Leaving some extra length allows for adding more keys later without the need for replacing the bolts

can you 3d print m3 washers?

You CAN, but they would be very weak and fragile... IIRC m3 washers are only 1mm thick, so even if you printed at 0.2mm layer height, they would only be 5 layers thick. Quite weak. It's likely they would bend when removing from the bed, and just crush if you tightened them with any sort of pressure.

I recently had this printed in a MakerBot and it was pretty fragile and it printed square bases where it touched the plate. What printer settings do you recommend for this?

Sorry, super slow reply.

My first suggestion would be, don't use a 5th gen makerbot for anything accurate! Lol....

But seriously... I have printed this at 0.25mm layers in ABS on an Up! Plus and an Up! Mini with rafts, (set raft temperature 10degs higher so it separates easily), and at 0.20mm layers in PLA on a Cocoon Create without rafts.

Looks cool gonna have to try it.

Love it, even though the force transmission is so good, that you can break or twist your keys easily.
Printed in PLA, 0.3mm layers.
Took long screws, shortened them as needed and filed them to look pretty in the nuts.