GoPro Tripod mount

by tmorris9 Apr 28, 2013
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do you need to glue the nut into the hex hole?

No, it's a press fit, I used pliers to squeeze the nut in place.

That's weird mate. I printed mine and the bottom hex was ver big and when I fit the nut in... It was loose... Using abs... Perhaps it's a material thing?

All I use is ABS. It could be the nuts you have are smaller on the outside or that your printer is not calibrated exactly. Hundreds of people have made this part over the years and no one else ever mentioned this issue. I made probably 4 of them over the last 5 years and even though I have had 2 different printers they always worked fine.

The nuts I use (same as GoPro) are 7.82mm from outside flat to outside flat. If you have a caliper check the nuts you have to see if they are smaller. Of course you could always glue them in place if you want to, same end result.

Thanks for the quick reply bro. I'll check the nut when I get home... To clarify we are referring to the nut to be fix at the bottom... Not top ya? OK so what should the size of the hex at the bottom be? Let me measure the print as well so I can ascertain whether it's a nut or a print issue

I thought we were talking about the Acorn nut on top. The 1/4-20 nut for the tripod then they do make them in different sizes (takes a different size wrench that is so a different size hole). I would take it with you to the hardware store to try them out. Sorry I don’t have o e handy to measure (my friends always seem to need one and I give them away).

Haha I see. So is the nut at the bottom friction fit as well? Or requires glue? I have one that fits but it's very loose

It did friction fit but I used epoxy to make sure it would not fall out with leverage. I had a hand full of nuts and used the measurements from them. One day I was making another but the nut I pulled out of my drawer while still the proper size threads the outside was much smaller, so I took the print to my local hardware store and bought more that fit correctly.

Not to be dense, but where is the file for the bolt thingy? Is that a different thing?


Yes it's a different 'thing' here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:163883

GoPro knob long

where did you get the nut that holds the go pro screw

McMaster Carr it's 5mm acorn nut stainless steel. You can ask get them on Amazon and eBay.

i dont suppose you can make a version that works as a hot shoe directly?

I don't have any cameras with Hotshoe mounts but what you ask for already exists on Thingiverse Here is just one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:37105

#Gopro DSLR hot shoe mount
by xr3dhub

ohh sorry I meant the mount that locks into a tripod. i lost my mount itself for my tripod

Ahh. Well unfortunately I would have to have that make and model tripod in my hand to make one. Those quick release plates are different from maker to maker and even sometimes from model to model.

I have 4 tripods myself and none of the quick release plates are interchangeable between my 4.

If you can find the one that fits your tripod from the 130+ that are on Thingiverse then I could use it to make it into a GoPro mount. Just search for "Tripod Quick Release"

I printed and verified this one fits perfectly

Cullmann 2800 Universal Tripod Plate
by eeejay


OK I will try to make that work. I do use a newer GoPro mount design these days that prints much stronger so I will use that one.

I will PM you when I get one made.

OK, I made it. I just went ahead and added the file to this thing so you can just download it here. You should not need support and I always print my GoPro mounts solid but since this is just for a tripod and not going to go 100mph on the side of a car it may not need to be solid.

Let me know if it works and fits your tripod, it should as the base is exactly the same size as the file you pointed me to.

that works Thanks

added make pics

This model printed quite well. The hex holes for the nuts were a bit too big (a loose fit) but that's ok. I put a bit of epoxy on the nuts to hold them in place. The holes for the long threaded bolt that holds the Go Pro in place were too small so I drilled them out with a bit that was just a bit bigger than the hole. Works great. Thanks for making this model available!

Do you print using PLA or ABS?

I print using both. I use to do just ABS but became a fan of PLA as well in the past year.

For me, I started with PLA, but now I do more and more ABS :-)
Btw, the bolt in that knob, what size and length is it?

Thanks for the Part. My hole for the nut shrank a little but I just hit the nut with a heat gun on a concrete floor and just pressed it in. Works great.


The handle for the screw seems to be printed as well. Would you mind posting the design for that as well?


Sorry but the handle is one of the few commercial products I designed that I cannot upload. I do share 97% of my designs but there are a few that help me earn a living.

Hmmm, I noticed I could not find one on Thingiverse... I'm working on one now and will probably upload it when complete.


Is it possible to post the source file ? (Skp, solid works,..)
I would like to modify the body shape and make a derivate of it .

Thanks in advance !

OK, skp file is uploaded.