Backpacking stove stand

by PookY May 7, 2015
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The scale of the STLs is off for me too. Had to scale to 1000% same as others. Using Slic3r, so it's not just a S3D offering.

Never had to do this on any STL ever. So it's definitely an issue with your files.

I noticed in slicer I had to scale 1000%

I also had to scale to 1000% for the smaller arm. I'm using Simplify3D.

Strange. I use simplify 3d I don't remember scaling the files.

PookY, do you have a version with legs that are 2 cm (or more) shorter? I think it would still have excellent stability and it would fit inside an Evernew 0.6L titanium pot. Your original design fits inside an Evernew 0.9L pot that I normally take on 2-person backpacking trips, but it doesn't fit inside the smaller 0.6L pot that I use for solo trips. Thanks.

One small suggestion is to beef up the two vertical tabs that immobilize the central leg. People who borrow the stand tend to break off the tabs.


Thanks for the comment.
I just uploaded a 20mm shorter feet and and a V2 center piece. I removed the tabs which is a poor design. Instead it use the groove of the feet to hold it in place.

Feedback welcome ;)

You are The Man!

In the "Thing Details" and you state that the 08/09/2016 version has "100mm shorter feet". You may mean 10mm shorter feet (I haven't printed the new one yet). To be clear, in order for the folded up stove stand to fit inside an Evernew 0.6L pot each leg needs to be 15mm shorter in length than the original design.

No, the original feet length is 120mm. The short one is 100mm so 20mm shorter.

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Perfect! Thanks for the clarification.

May I make a suggestion?
Instead of having holes on the legs for a bolt, could a dome be added so the legs snap into place?

It could work for a few time but the dome will wear over time and since the grip on the canister is tight, legs may pop out while cliping it.

Well thank you for the reply. I saw your files. I will try and make the change myself and see how this works. I will report back if the change is positive.

Love the part though! Either way.

Good job!

No prob !

Look in the remix, bakefy did a nice upgrade of my design