Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Perendev Magnet Motor with generator

by kb3lnn May 8, 2015
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He tries to build such an engine, but there are many ambiguities as to the dimensions of the magnets and the magnets themselves. I've already printed ellements for two replicas [I have a 3d printer with a 300x300 work table] but none of them works. As for your project, I have a question; can the larger diameter of magnets be used [diameter 15 mm length 10 mm or 15 mm] and if so, what dimensions should the rotor and stator have. I am looking for a working engine to connect it to the generator and to charge the batteries when the solar system does not charge them.

Hi there, thank you for sharing. I just wonder if it is updated? Thanks!

Perendev is a dream ! Michael Brady ,the designer is in jail for scam !

Comments deleted.

You've been very helpful

Their are 20 magnets on the outside ring and 17 on the inside disk. The size of the magnets are 5mm. Diam. x 10mm.Long. I had printed this on a Prusa pro C.The size of the magnets for the generator are 10mm. Diam. X 5mm. Long.When using a pancake coil from a ceiling fan I get about 27 Volts A.C. Also in response to YomGui I do not know were you got the idea that their are 8 magnets anywhere in my design.
Good luck.
Note this is a very touchy device, It took me over a month to get mine to work..
Also when mounting the disk use 1/2 washers and Coupling Connector Nuts at 25mm. long. This is because of the pitch of the threads. With a shorter length nut it tents to give the disk a wobble or an alignment issue not 90 deg. to shaft, the longer Coupling Connector deals with this issue. These are what I had used. https://www.amazon.com/a16050300ux0577-Connector-Stainless-Threaded-Coupling/dp/B01IVT9DT0/ref=pd_sbs_60_8?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=B6NA3HD1VVEH8TMV6R34

Hi kb3lnn, the engine you offer works or not? Because I have printed and assembled the engine of Medi Muriqi but it does not work even while respecting the 5 degrees for the positioning of the rotors. Maybe it comes from the fact that there are only 8 magnets on the rotors / stators on the engine of Medi Muriqi?
Please let me know.


How many magnets should use for 10w power plz i want to submit my project

Can you email me a size and type of magnet should use for prendev

it works then the guy or not this engine? As soon as I received my "BuildTak" I launch a print of the rotors and stators in ABS, PLA because the discs are distorted 1 mm which prevents them from turning freely between rotor / stator.

If you could please let me know, my e-mail is [email protected]
Thanks Ron

hello, could you fix the files to hold 5mm X 8mm magnets???
You could enlage it to 150mm outside diameter, that's as large as I can print.
if you could do this then I could get it to work???? mabe
thanks Ron

when I asked out the magnet size, I'm talkieng about the ewest motor design. that I can't prient very large?
so the magnet holes are very small? to print it larger I would need a larger 3d printer?
How are you building your unit?
Thanks Ron.

Hello, I got Design Spark, having some problems but it will work great. thanks

Can you please tell me what size magnets are you using?
I just printed the parts and the magnets holes are very small?
I can't print any larger?
Please help. Thanks Ron,

btw., is there an efficiency rating on this motor ?

who wants to use winBLOWS as an o/s ? -- is it so hard for DSMech to port to something more solid ?

Good to see more people using DS Mechanical.. My personal choice!!! Great job on the model!