TinyOLED - Improved Version of Simple DIY Display Controller

by enif May 8, 2015
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Hello, please can you share the marlin for the sanguinololu that I have been trying for 3 months to connect the oled but the marlin gives me 8mhz errors is the 1.3a card thanks friend

Could you share the rotary encoder you are using so that I can acquire one? Also are you aware if this will run on the Smoothie. I don't see the driver listed on the Smoothie site.

It's just a simple standard EC11 type rotary encoder. But it is mounted on a tiny piece of vertical PCB (2 of these are on the side of the PCB layout) which is soldered to the main PCB via 3 pin standard headers.

As for the Smoothie, sorry, I do not know. In Marlin the protocol is the same as for a the standard 128x64 full graphic display, just using the SSD1306 in I2C mode. Why not ask about Smoothie support in the corresponding thread of the RepRap forum which is linked in the main text?

Will do, thanks

I made my own tinyoled about a month ago and for some reason it just stopped working.. but it will randomly come alive again (i use the reset button to stop prints a lot) but when the machine has no power the screen dies again and wont come back on. I tried hooking the screen up directly to the mega and still nothing. So I don't think it is a problem with the ramps. Any insight? Do these oleds just die like this? Or should i buy a new mega? just seems weird that the I2C pins would die. I'll probably buy another oled first since it is the cheapest. and if the oled is fine ill try a new mega and just have a screen for my delta too!

Sorry to hear that your TinyOled stopped working. Of course, I don't know what happened to it. But I have damaged my first Oled module by applying 12V instead of 5V once -> sudden death...

I think you did well to order a new Oled module. If you have any of the small Arduinos (Uno, Nano) lying around, you could also use it to test the Oled screen with the example program that comes with the Adafruit_SSD1306 library.

If this is rep rap compatible, can you share any reference to find the display?

Just search on eBay or AliExpress for "oled 128x64 i2c" and you will find both the 0.96" and the 1.3" from various vendors.