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I was showing off some of my designs at a recent Makerbot user group meeting, and I wished I had tags for them with QR codes and some other relevant data. This bookmarklet will generate such tags.

Note: I initially set the license to CC-BY for the example picture because the CC licenses look a little nicer on the tags, but I've changed the license to PD, so feel free to use it however you want.

Update: Some errors were reported with the DOM walking, so I rewrote those portions to use Regex instead. This should improve compatibility.


Thingitag is now integrated into thingiverse. You can get it by clicking the "print tag" button below the license statement on any Thing page. No more dealing with cross-browser scripting headaches and rewriting every time the thingiverse design is tweaked!

Old instructions:

Navigate to the page for the Thing you want to tag, then run the script. It will grab the relevant data and format it for tag printing. I haven't done extensive testing, but it should work in all standards-compliant browsers (old versions of IE might have a problem).

Print the tag, cut it out and fold it over. Fold the end over into a triangle (for strength), then punch a hole and attach with string to the printed thing.

Note: Thingiverse won't let me post a javascript link (this would be a security issue), and the text gets a little mangled if I post it here. To get the script, download the .js file, copy the contents and paste it into your address bar or create a bookmark using the full script as the URL.

Update: for those still having trouble, you can get bookmarkable links for Thingitag and Thingitag Jr. at http://whosawhatsis.com/paraphernalia/thingitag.html

Update: I fixed these for the new Thingiverse design AGAIN, and I'm getting sick of it. It works, but I've only tested it in Chrome. If your browser of choice doesn't work, use Chrome instead.

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No results.

One potential improvement over the built-in version would be to rotate the top tag 180 degrees, so that both sides would be right-side-up when used as a small folded placard.

Lol, your Thingitag itself is "Attribution - Creative Commons license", so we all need to remember to give you credit for the label itself ! :-D

I set it to CC-BY for the picture because it generated a better image than PD. In the meantime, one of my edits + thingiverse dicking around with stuff must have reset it back to CC-BY. It's fixed now, set to PD as it's supposed to be.

No biggie, was joking! Anyhow very nice idea & implementation -- to bad Stratasys seems to have forgotten to click the "Print tag" button lately ;) Your bukito just rules btw!

You can also print a 3D plaque with Creative Commons licensing information with the Customizable 3D Thingitag: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:103839http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Customizable 3D Thingitag

3D Printed Copyright Infringement is Still Copyright Infringement:

The question of Infringement I think is further complicated because how is it determined who is infringing who?

What I mean is that a 3D model that is based on an existing work of art may have more complications determining who infringed on who. If the 3D model is a unique and sole creation of the 3D modeler/artist then that artist has the Copyright and others infringe on that person.

On the other hand if a 3D model (3D printable) is based on another 3D or 2D work of art with changes only to the way it is made (replica or likeness) then who is infringed on when copies of the 3D printable items are made?

IMO 3D printable items that show "likeness" (likeness = original work of art can be identified) of another work of art infringes on the original; that is if the original is copyright protected.

Replicas are straightforward but what copyright protections can be assigned to works that show likeness to an original? Are these these "like" items unique and a work of art by themselves?

It's complicated...

If 3D Systems/Stratasys had been using this, Dizingof's models would still be available!

Maybe someone beat me to it but why not 3D print a Dual extrusion QR Tag?

Just for the novelty of it and would be longer lasting than the paper tag.

It would be cool if people printed out a whole stack of tags to hand out at makerfaires et c. so people could go home, scan the tag, and download the model. Kind of like a business card. For Things.

I agree, or instead of printing one tag for every print that you create of the same item then using this 3D printed QR code can serve as a Stamp to quickly put the tag on the multiple of the same items. For a stamp the image will have to be mirrored before printing... Just an idea.

Why not just use a camera phone to scan the tags on the spot?

Some times you want to open the QR at later time, especially if you are going around at a conference and just want to recall the info later.

So snap the picture and parse the QR code from your phone's camera roll.

Haha awesome!! Way to go makerbot, we've been doing this manually for like over a year -- huge time saver. Thanks!

....I dont want to seem dumb...

I still dont know what this is for, can anyone help me on that?

Many of the models here are released under the Creative Common's 'Attribution' license. Which means, if you print it, and give the print to somebody else, the license says you are to attribute the print to the original creator.

This thing is an easy way of doing this.

Have been waiting for the "Print tag!" button for a long time...

Speaking of bugs... "This thing was Featured on 2:19 am"

It looks like they added your script to their site. Every Thing has a "Give a Shout Out" to the right under the License. Click the button and a tag image opens in a new tab.


Hi - neat idea - Nice use of script...

Unfortunately seen the brief label then message [object HTMLDivElement].

Did not see a 2D matrix code if that helps any. Label border was drawn. Managed to capture the screen so am sure on this.
Issue today 16 June 2013 14:46 BST

Firefox 21.0 - Windows XP SP3 - Fully patched.

Just use the "print tag" button on the right side of the page, under the license statement.

at http://kariert.org/http://kariert.org/ you will find the metalab labelz creator. Its for a labeling the various bits and pieces in a hackerspace. Used since 3 years. Its a bit similar.

Congrats on the feature! It was one of the things that I remember most vividly of the first time we met at Crashspace!

Is this still working? I would love to use it, but I can't get it to do anything. I have tried on 5 different browsers on several operating systems; but the bookmarklet just does nothing. Is it saving it somewhere? What am I missing?

I rewrote it for the new thingiverse design, but I guess I never got around to pushing out the update. The version that is at http://whosawhatsis.com/paraphernalia/thingitag.htmlhttp://whosawhatsis.com/paraph... now works.

I'm afraid it doesnt work on current Firefox and Internet Explorer version. The non 64-bit Internet explorer displays the QR code but only some of the text and the outline of the tag is not visible.

I can't get any of the methods listed here to work. I get [object] from IE 8. The bookmark pages from whosawhatsis don't work either.

I see the tag for a fraction of a second and THEN "[object HTMLDivElement]".

ThingiTagJr works though...

It also has the same problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome works though!

Awesome! Now I can bring my designs with me to Makerfaire!

Oh by the way, this didn't work for me in Firefox 3.6.8. It gave me the error [object HTMLDivElement]. It works in Safari though.

Update: for those still having trouble, you can get bookmarkable links for Thingitag and Thingitag Jr. at http://whosawhatsis.com/paraphernalia/thingitag.htmlhttp://whosawhatsis.com/paraph...

Awesome! Nice design!

This must be integrated in Thingiverse, because it is a really good connection between the physical and the digital

⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄¡¡¡Dulce!!! :)

This is excellent for when I do demo's of the makerbot and it's parts. It ties the physical prints with their digital origin. This is a great idea. Thanks!

Thingiverse should have an integrated tag generator.

Yeah, it could be done much better without the constraints of trying to parse the data out of the page in a single line of javascript.

Awesome idea!! Time to go tag all of the hackerspaces demo shelf items :D