Armdudroid - Open Source Arduino and Android Controlled Robotic Arm

by Whatakuai Apr 30, 2013
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bizarre. Was following tutorial just last night and today domain no longer exists...what are the odds? lol

This is a very cool project. Just began printing. will be adding this to a mobile robotic base i have. Will update with photos when completed. Thanks for sharing and the great build tutorial!

There is software to control your PC via USB or with?

There is software to control your PC via USB or with?

Standard Servo Gripper download isn't working on your site :(

Comments deleted.

This is a great project...I've really enjoyed watching the progress...cheers

Have you seen this yet or anything like it?

You could use these to move the arm by hand and then the arm could mimic the exact motion over and over again! I think it would be a great supplement to your app.

Wow! It is cool and easy! The servo has less torque than the MG996R but they look great, and this is such an intuitive function to record movements!

Thanks a lot for sharing!

This is just the beginning. I can see this thing becoming the helper arm the Tony Stark uses in Iron Man. It would be awesome if in the near future the arm could respond to voice commands. I would also like to see this get adapted to be programmed by the Myo when it comes out. https://www.thalmic.com/myo/https://www.thalmic.com/myo/

Jajaja yes! Iron Man Arm will be even a toy near to Armdudroid. Really thanks for your comment, love learn new things and you showed me the Myo! What the f**k! This is really cool! Awesome! When available, Armdudroid can be controlled with this system!

I didn't use a voice control because of the price, but you really can control some functions with your voice if you press back button on the Android app! The functions are in spanish but... I'll change the app soon! (hope so).

We can do Armdudroid the final robot arm!

What an awesome project. It's simplicity is surprisingly inviting. I'm looking forward to what I can learn while building it. Many thanks for sharing this project!

Waw! Love to read your words! Thanks to you and all the people who are interested in this project. I have no time to improve it now, but because of people like you it will be improved day by day and one day Armdudroid could be a common robotic arm in houses! :)

Really thanks for your comment!

Fuck you gema any youtube! Cant see the first vid in germany... Plz remove the music.. Thx

Waw, I paid for the song! Only 1$ but it is not commercial use... is it? jaja I'll change! Thanks for your comment!

Wow, what an amazing Thing. Can't wait to build this. Thanks so much for publishing.

Thanks so much for your interest! I want to see the photo assembled.

Bringing robotic electronics to the home user. Bravo!

Nice case, good color. Can it do anything practical?

Yes! You can automatize any movement with any speed any repetitions and time between movements and individual positions just with your Android phone.

Plugin system is created to use it for cutting as for picking up things, for automatize a video record or whatever!

It is going to be improved (the APP and Arduino code) and I am going to create more plugins!!

THANKS in capital letters! It is going to be improved soon.

Hi! :)! You need 4 MG995 o 996R and one micro 9G

How many servos do you need?

I read this as Portlandia is on the TV.