Cute Octo Graduate

by Tripplepin May 10, 2015
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Hey man, I love the model! I was wondering if I could get the modifiable STL file. At the moment the file is uploaded to thingiverse so that I can't make any changes.. I am trying to make a mold for aluminum casting, but I need to make a few modifications. If you want I can show you the finished product :)

Sorry for the late response. If you need the Rhino file I can send that.

That would be amazing. Who would you like to send it?

I really want to print this dude, and have tried three times now with different settings, but each time it's little hat prints with a large gap between the hat and the top of the head. I've been using Simplify 3D with a Powerspec 3D Pro printer. I've also tried fixing the model to union all of the separate objects into one using Blender, but it runs into errors :^/ What kind of settings might be suggested?

Hey there, sorry the print isn't working out! I use Repetier Host and have printed this with a variety of printers but not a Powerspec. I print this model at .2 mm layer height, 10% infil, and have used PLA and Semiflex materials. I will try to slice in Simplify 3D and see if that is causing the issue.

oookay, figured things out, it was a combination of things.
One of the things I did was update my Simplify 3D version, which changed some of my printer settings I had. Previously it would export both .gcode and .x3g files at the same time, but after the update it only was exporting the .gcode. The Powerspec 3D Pro uses the .x3g file so it wasn't actually updating with each attempt. XD

Next thing was splitting the models and printing them as several model objects that are overlapped instead of one model that was actually comprised of many.

I'd like to print them using dual extrusion the way you've done in your first render. As you're separating the hat out, can you go ahead and post 2 distinct STL files one for the body and another for the hat? You could even go as far as to make the numbering on top its own STL file as well, but I'd be printing without the 15.

I guess if you just uploaded the hat I could merge with the original model you derived from, but I want to make sure that the tassle is fully there, all the way down. EDIT: Can't - they don't line up. Just tried to derive the hat using the origin file. Going to need both files from you. Thanks!

Much appreciated!

Yep I'm on it! I'll have both files for ya pretty soon. I'm jealous that you have dual extrusion and am excited to see how it turns out.

I agree with WillGreene09, this is FANTASTIC!! I too have a request though. Would it also be possible to post only the hat? or would that be too complicated? I have a few dozen Cute Octo's already printed and it would be cool to figure out how I could just print then glue the hat on top of them to convert them to new grads! Either way, thanks for this awesome model.

Thanks! Should be easy enough! Ill get a model done by this weekend and print a few to make sure they fit!

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Uploaded the hat only, you might need to scaled it up depending on what scale you printed your original octos.

You sir, are a gentleman. Thanks so much for going through the tassel ...errr, hassle :)

Hi Tripplepin. Really cool model you made here. Is there any chance of getting one without the 15? I'd really appreciate it.

Take care,

Yep no problem! I'll upload it soon.