Really Simple Animatronic Tail

by adafruit May 11, 2015
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It's sad that this is in the featured section.

Nice, now this beautiful comunity is turning into a furry club

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If it just swings then why do we need a microcontroller? you could do that very easy and cheap mechanical. If it had different animations then I can see it.

Can you put a cat tail on it?

lol. I see a lot of deleted comets! You kinda brought that on yourself by doing this tail thing in the fist place :)

The furries always have to ruin our fun. Even on 3d printing websites...

what exacly ruined your fun?

I know a friend or two who would love one of these :)


Simple, Effective, and furry approved.

Hahaha yess

that's the right attitude!

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This is the last thing I need for my Terraria Hallowed Armor costume!
Now I need a nice wolf mask...

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Call me old, but why is all these simple things microprocessor controlled nowdays, when a simple mechanic construction would make it
simple and cheaper?

Can't people think simple anymore? Even the simplest thing has to be microcontrolled now.

i dont know she just cant move it with her hips

I was thinking this exact thing. There is no need for a micro-controller in this. However, with the micro-controller, you could produce more nuanced motion and additional settings. Still, it's overkill though.

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and to think i had my vestigial tail cut off at birth...

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epic tail- want one to show off! supercute

Nice Ill have a go with this.

We actually make our own, and they are here: http://thetailcompany.com