Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Vulcanus V1 Reprap 3D Printer 300€

by Vulcaman May 11, 2015
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I didn't see the firmware for Marlin. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

check Instructables Side or made yourself :) firmware very depends hardware you use

I did. It told me to come here for the Marlin firmware.


  1. Download Configuration.h file here
  2. Download Marlin firmware (old version 1.0.2) from github https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/tree/1.0.2-2
  3. Replace Configuration.h file in Marlin
  4. Compile firmware with Arduino IDE https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software
  5. Connect your board by USB cable and upload firmware
  6. Enjoy your printer! :)
    First of all find guide regarding preparing and compiling Marlin for 3d printer
    Check parameters inside Configuration.h file - if its compatible with your HW and electronic

you can check my guide regarding Marlin4DUE fw configuration. In Russian but pictures in English. You can use google translator
Its another fw based on Marlin with GUI configurator

Forgot my last comment. I am going through your suggested firmware and configuration guide. So far the firmware uploaded ok. But when I connect to my board I get "no signal, force reset". But with my old firmware It all works ok.

And forget that last. lol. I had the baudrate wrong. lol

Thanks but that didn't work
In file included from C:\Users\Edward\AppData\Local\Temp\buildad96519b7f69325984e8bb2a683f696f.tmp\sketch\BlinkM.cpp:5:0:

Marlin.h:219: error: 'NUM_AXIS' was not declared in this scope

extern float current_position[NUM_AXIS] ;


exit status 1
'NUM_AXIS' was not declared in this scope

Is there a part to use 8mm lead screw, in z?

i just uploaded it its with my x carriage i made for this printer

I have made this printer give me a couple of days I have designed a part that I have got no my printer for it just need find it file and i will up load it

Thank you , i have seen :)

Are there any carriages that take a auto level sensor? I have the 18mm type

Somebody can upload detailed pictures about the reworked hotend ?


is anyone still messing with this printer i just built it and cannot get the motors to work correctly ive tried different boards differnt settings. i downloaded the configuration h file from the thing files but still does not seem to be working. i have now gotten all axis to move in one direction only completely fine, but thats it. can anyone help me or send me the cofiguration h for for this printer that works

Did you ever sort your printer, I've got mine finished now and its all working fine .

No actually I have not gotten a chance to mess with it again yet but I would greatly appreciate any information you could share

What part are you up to with the build, I have a fully working firmware of marlin with a reprap discount full lcd screen fitted using a ramps board 1.4 with a4988 and DRV8825 to run the steppers along with the orange tip auto bed level sensor ( works great to).
If your using the same setup as the original plans called for then I can help you get it running.

I followed exactly like in the original plans and I have all complete except firmware and putting an extruder on

Use Repetier Host and Firmware. What is your driverboard?

Ok thank you for your help and I work on a tug boat and will be home on the 27th so I may email you then and thanks again it is very much appreciated

I'm using ramps 1.4

Hi dude, great project.
The only bad feeling is about the STL's... No one is manifold, nor watertight and a complete mesh mess.

There are beautiful exporters for SketchUp, as there are mesh optimizers, totally free.
I found same problems into those STL's like in the Vulcanus v3

there are the complete 3d file?

I will definitely vote for you if you change the license on your Cherry printer so I can sell some to someone. Good design!

The idler for the x and y axis is not lining up the linear bearing correctly for me so the y-axis is really hard to move. Any suggestions?

Are these files orientated to print in the optimum position as is?

Hi Vulcaman! How you work about a 32bit hardware for this printer?

Hi, can u use only TMC2100 drivers? for it to run as silent as possible

of cause you can only use TMC2100

Hi there,

Really Nice project.
Is there any way to make the build platform bigger and able to fit a dual Extruder ?

if you have a bigger heated bed, you can use the full x-direction of 25cm.

So you can increase the buildsize to 25 x 20 x 26 cm.

The dual extruder update coming soon. I am working on it :-)

Hi.. Have you made the dual extruder yet? Nice job btw!

Sorry I don't made the dual extruder yet. I don' t think I will be make an update for an dual extruder soon. But you can use my Fusion360 file for the Vulcanus V1 2016 from Instructables and adapted the X-Carriage to an dual extruder.

Could you not also increase the height of the machine? longer Z-axis Alu-Extrusions and longer threaded rods?

Of cause you can increase the z-axis :-)

Im gonna try to build this with increased size to fit the 30x30 cm PCB heatbed and increase the Z-axis to 40 cm, wish me luck :)

Great I can't wait to see it.

That would make this a killer deal. you might also consider this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:811271/

Ultimaker 2 Aluminum Extrusion 3D printer

could you share the configuration.h file link?

Now you can download the configuration.h File under "Thing Files"

best regards

ohh my god.. i am ashamed.. i havent seen. 10X :)))

Any Aluminium plates STL file?

Sorry, I have no aluminium plates STL files,
because I cut the aluminum plates by hand and NOT with a CNC

Please, can you expand the info or instructions, or put the link to your instructables?


look very good, where are the instructions?

sorry my english