Wall mountable bottle opener

by jag May 3, 2011
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First, this opens bottles excellently, printed the face version and mounted it very firmly onto a wall, and its one of the nicer bottle openers i've used, not a lot of pressure needed to open the bottles.

Some suggestion/ideas:

Having an option to have magnet cutouts in the back, instead of screw holes would be pretty awesome, for those less skilled at editing the scad file. If you don't get around to that, i might get around to it eventually.

I came up with the following technique for when i want to override $fn (I wanted smoother curves than your stl files have, and even more than the values you set to $fn in various places in your file to)

//Put this before your code starts, or with other variables/functions
function fn_override(base) = max(base, $fn); //You can name the function just 'fn' if you wanted

//To use it:
sphere(r=1, $fn=fn_override(8));

What it does: If the script specifies a global $fn value, it will use that, unless the passed in value is larger. By default $fn is set to 0, so the default value you pass in is good.

Benefit: i can download your scad file, and add/change at the very top of the file $fn=200; and all the curves will be very smooth, or change it to $fn=0 and it can render quite fast using the defaults you setup.

Downside: if you do sphere(r=10, $fn=fn_override(8)); its actually less quality than sphere(r=10, $fn=0); because for 10 radius the default is more than 8. One could make the function more complex, but so far i've been too lazy for that.

If only it could be modified to work as a Peter Capaldi eyebrow bottle opener :-).

Nice job! We installed it at our ''party house'' and onw week-end later (and maybe 40 beer later) the opener still work well. I noticed that the coin seem to fold a little bit. We probably should use something more strong (or 2 penny stacked ?)
Thank you :)

Worked really well and works with a 5p piece UK money another I needed a hammer to persuade it into the hole. I one question tho I have a ToM with a mk7. When the print come to the smaller detail at the top it slows down but the extruder still runs at normal speed so it lays down loansof plastic any way of turning tthis down in skeinforge 50 in repg

I'm glad it worked. I'm not quite sure why you are having trouble with the slowdown for cool. If you are using a stepper extruder, it should slow down the extruder as well as the axis movement. Are you using PLA? Any chance it's just oozing out and not being forced by the stepper?

hi thanks for the reply i am using abs atm it could be oozing out but when i felt the filiment it felt like it was still being fed in at the same speed

I just uploaded slightly modified version to change the angle to avoid spillage of the beverage.

It works great for me.

That's strange, is that the latest version? It looks like the bottle is perpendicular, mine is at an angle with mine.

Did you have to modify the opening for the coin? You might try pushing the coin in more. The problem with developing this is that you have to drink a lot of beer...

hmm not sure if its the same version,....checking...., a is see the problem i have it at sphere_angle=45; and in the current version it is at 36. O well i have to print another one then ;) maybe eye_and_tongue version :-D

That design begs for 2 eyes to go above it. Good job!

That's so true. I hadn't thought of that. Perhaps a tongue drawn on it too. I may leave that to the more artistically creative folks among us...

I uploaded a face version. I haven't tested it though.

I think it would be better to use 2 screws on top.

With some little changings you could change this opener to an rabit- / cat- / dog- bottle opener.

I agree, I'm uploading a new version with two holes up top.

It looks like a dead thing with the two cross-head screws for eyes! Dome covers for the screws?

with the bag, it could look like a kangaroo :D


this is a very cool item!

I just thought of a little improvement:

Maybe there could be a little holder f
ür a plastikbag or something under the opener to catch the caps...

Good idea, could probably be accomplished pretty easily by adding a hook to either side. I don't drink quite that much beer though...

Hi, I've just printed two of these for my decking, as above a great idea is something to catch the lids. I've just printed a simple box to go under the opener, I might try and match the curve of the opener to it sits nice. Good job

A large magnet underneath works too...