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Hinged Box With Latch, Somewhat Parametric and Printable In One Piece

by anewsome May 1, 2013
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thank you,you would also have the stp format?if you turn it to me you make me a pleasure.......

Can I assume this will work fine if we scale it larger?

Great box, but as you say this is not idiot proof; I designed a box but forgot to half the height so that when closed gave the correct dimensions.

I would be nice if you could do an update with slightly rounded edges of say 0.5mm just to take off the sharp edges as suggested by moeff

This is going to be a strange question, but, I see there's a "dead spot" in all your pictures. Do you have a Galaxy Note 4? I do. I also have the dead spot. :) Thanks for sharing the box! :)

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is there an option to get round edges?

Awesome model thanks. I've printed this 3 times in pla and works great!! Every time I have printed in pla it has worked. I also have printed in abs 3 times with zero luck.

Nice Thingy thing!!! Today we are gonna print it in class!

Worked great on first try at 0.2mm layer and 0.4 nozzle 210C glow in the dark PLA. I tried a second one at 0.1mm but one of the hinges cracked (use needle nose pliers to rotate close to the hinge). I'm thinking a little less heat it would have been fine.

Very creative proposal. Worked for me on the first try with recycled ABS @ 245C, .5 nozzle, .4 layer, 40% infill. Thanks.

Very nice design! Thanks

Nice job, made 3 with colour changes on my Creality CR7 printer. Hinge works perfectly. Thanks CJR

I made several of these. They work perfectly. I LOVE IT.

I tried 20, 30 and 40mm width with various settings but the hinges were always fused.

The width setting has nothing to do with the hinge tolerance. Your printer is extruding too much filament, you're printing too hot or both. If you want to increase the tolerance, change the hingeInnerSlop and the hingeFingerSlop to larger values.

How do you make the hinge?.. I'm using Alibre and kinda just started a while back :)

This box wasn't modeled using a traditional cad program, although it could be. It's made using OpenSCAD, which is a language to build solid geometry with primitives like cylinder, cube and sphere along with Boolean and other operators.

I don't understand everything you said haha but I'll get it eventually.

Very nice design! Thanks for sharing this also as an OpenSCAD version.

Thanks. I really had wanted to get more fancy code in their to do things like auto-sizing the hinge fingers. It's a bit manual in this version but it's workable. I've already made a few of these that have actual practical use. Good luck with it,

Hi! does the latch break easily?

I've printed at least a dozen of these boxes now in various sizes. I've adjusted my recent ones so the hinge is a little more lose. They print easy and the hinge swings freely straight away. The hinge is also very strong, I haven't broke one yet. This also depends on wall thickness, since a strong hinge needs walls at least 1.5mm or so. You can also simply make the hinge stronger by increasing the diameter of it and printing 100% infill, using the openscad file.

Thanks for the feature makerpeople!

looks good ! here is something similar just because you said you couldn't find it (:

Treasure Chest
by Zaggo

Thanks, that's actually a really nice, complete box design. Mine was more of a proof of concept for the hinge and latch. I also wanted to make sure mine could be printed with no support. Thanks again for pointing this one out though.