Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Excelsior Bravo - Tilt-rotor Tricopter v2.0

by phreakmonkey May 14, 2015
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The firmware doesn't work with the latest Cleanflight version. Have you updated this lately or how would I go about it myself?
Cheers on a great bit of work.

No, I haven't. I haven't had time to do any further development on this project. Cleanflight has been largely rewritten since I did this, so I have no idea what would be required to add this capability. (Hell, it might be trivial given the newer servo support it has.) Or, you could just stick with the older Cleanflight for this project. {shrug}

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. I'll look into and post back any updates I manage to do in regards to the firmware.

Is the rear motor set up to NOT add lift when you are in forward flight under vector mode? Also, Whats with the teaser having the MDF laying on the ground in the video??!! Hehheh

This looks really nice - I think I might try your development! So far I have not been successful with my own design (lack of spare time at the moment: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1047709) though overall it works.

M.R. XTilt Dynamic Tilt Rotor (DTR) x-quad

Thank you very much for sharing.
I've made one and fly very well with default PID.

what kind of props are you using for the 290mm variant? 7X4.5 with 3 blade? What kind of 2 blade props do you use?
great project.

Yes, I use these: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__62666__Counter_Rotating_Three_Blade_7x4_5_Propeller_Orange_1Pair_Bag_US_Warehouse_.html.
But any similar props will probably work... and counter rotation is unnecessary since it's a tricopter so you have more options than you do with a quad.

I've never messed with the scad files. Is there any way you could expand the holes to fit around 14mm tubes?

I think my tubes are that size, but would have to double check.

I printed the top. It was great, but not big enough for my tubes.

I'm shrinking a broken talon quad frame to a tri since I've never down one.

That would require more than just expanding the front two holes. You'd have to make bigger collars, a bigger servo arm collar, and probably move the servo down a bit. It's also probably likely to require increasing the clearance between the two plates since the tube and servo collar are thicker and the servo is offset further.

If you want to build this design, it would be easier to just buy some 12mm O.D. carbon fiber tubes.

** Increased center hole diameter in motor mounts to 8mm to accommodate some motors that need more clearance for the lower bearings.

Just added: Assembly instructions for top plate / main structure with photos. (See pdf in files tab)

It flies great - in fact, it's hilariously fun to have the pitch stick act more like an "accelerator" in vectored thrust mode. I'm working on some build instructions now for the trickier parts, after I post those I promise to make some videos of them flying too. :)

Okay, thanks ;)
Good job, friend, really, good job!