MakerBot Mk6 Plus Safety Cutoff Switch Mount

by Renosis May 4, 2011
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Looks good. Remember double back tape. Then you don't have to had mass, drill or mangle the bot. That is until you want to rip of the part.

Actually, there is an unused bolt hole behind the extruder (I assume it is there for mounting the frostruder or something?) that this mount is designed to screw into to... so no need for double sided tape!

I even included an area to capture an m3 nut so you don't have to screw into the plastic directly!

Since I got my MK6+ I
’ve been planning on making the hot end more easily removable i.e. not having to open the bottom of the ToM to mess with the wires. I was planning on putting an easily accessible terminal strip somewhere to hold all the wires going to the hot end. This should work for that, no?

That is exactly what this is for. Before, the Mk6 came out I just had the terminal strip mounted in the spot in the last picture. Since I wanted to mount both the terminal strip and the safety cutoff in that spot, I decided to create this mounting bracket.

It works well, and I am happy with it.

One thing you should know though, you need to work out a different way to make your thermocouple easily removable. Because, unfortunately, you cannot cut the thermocouple (well, you can, but you have to do it so that you do not change the make up of the met
als in the thermocouple circuit, so you would have to kind of clip it at some point, and then stick the two pieces together under the same screw). Also, I have heard of people using other types of hardware to make the thermocouple easy to remove at the heater core itself.

Happy Hacking!

The thermocouple metals are in the tip junction not the rest of the wire. You can use a junction block inserted. Just check your temperature readings after the change. The thermocouple registers the change in resistance as the materials heat. I believe they get less resistive passing more current as the thermocouple heats up.

There are special connectors available, such as these: http://www.omega.com/ppt/pptsc.asp?ref=NMPhttp://www.omega.com/ppt/pptsc...
amp;Nav= that have the correct composition: (Type K has chromium for the positive and aluminum for the negative)

That's awesome.... gotta get me some of those.