Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

OSX Kinect Application

by CidVilas, published

OSX Kinect Application by CidVilas May 4, 2011



OSX Kinect Application by CidVilas is licensed under the GNU - GPL license.

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Requires Mac OS 10.6
Will not work in 10.7
This is a Cocoa Kinect application for Mac OSX. The application does not require any additional files or installation. Simply plug in a Kinect Sensor into your Mac and run this application. Once loaded the window will display a Mesh of the data being seen by the Kinect.

This application was created by fernLightning:

I've modified their application to add the ability to export the Depth data to a PLY point cloud file. Enjoy!

NOTE: The Source Code is posted! :)

The Save STLB button creates the best mesh for printing. STLB stands for STL Binary. Make sure you open the mesh in MeshLab and then resave it. This cleans the file and makes it readable by Skeinforge.

UPDATE 5-7-2011: I've added the ability to export both ASCII STL and Binary STL files with a complete mesh. It turned out to be simpler than i thought. Also there are sliders to limit the depth values. You can set minimum and maximum depth values. The detail can also be limited. '0' detail is maximum, while '10' will result is a very low resolution mesh. The best way to figure out the effects is to try it out. Please post comments about other improvement requests. :) BUG: The Binary STL export works, but for some reason will crash some applications. To fix this load into MeshLab, unify duplicate vertices and then resave the STL.
UPDATE 5-8-2011: Ive addressed some bugs and improved the Binary STL export. Should export a much cleaner mesh.
UPDATE 5-15-2011: Fixed export feature some more, and cleaned up the code.
UPDATE 6-14-2011: Uploaded Source Code.

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I know this is old news now, but I've just stumbled upon this... I can get the application to run fine on my 10.6 and capture mesh information from my Kinect, but as soon as I hit any of the "Save" buttons, I get the colored circle cursor on my Macbook Air and the program just freezes. I'm wondering if it's some sort of "permission" issue with saving? Where are the files supposed to save, or is a dialog box supposed to pop up and ask me where to save? Wish I could get this to work correctly.

Hi ! I try the last version i mean, wich is the 0.5. I am on Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and i have this message : The device could not open. Do you have an idea why ? Thanks

I am also getting this issue. Please Help.

I saw that you said you're revisiting this. The downloads say that they are 1 year old. Is that the most recent?

Yes.  I have not made any significant progress yet, and have only just got my environment setup again.  Ill post as soon as new features or improvements are made.

Yes.  I have not made any significant progress yet, and have only just got my environment setup again.  Ill post as soon as new features or improvements are made.

Hi, thanks for this! Worked great on OS X 10.8 too.

Is there a way to save a PLY sequence? Should be like #1 next feature.

How did you that ? I am on OS X 10.8.3 and i have this message :the device could not open. Do you have an idea why ? Thanks

I've decided to revisit this app.  Ill be adding and cleaning up the code, hopefully within the next month.  Its been a while and my developer license expired.  So stay tuned? :)

The SOURCE zip appears to contain the old source files from fern's build. Is the source available for your modified version?

Or am I completely blind and the Source zip does contain the source for your modified version?

haha... I am blind. Sorry about that. :)

Is there any way to save a PLY sequence?

I would love to be able to use sequence of point clouds.



I made a version http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18425http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... that might work on 10.7. At least it does for me.

Kinect Application For OS X

Tried this out today and it works great +1 vote for further development.

Hey CidVilas,

I love this app! I used it a couple of months ago in OSX 10.6 and it worked great for me. since then, I upgraded to OSX 10.7 Lion and have some trouble getting the app to run. The application opens, I can control the servo, LED and see IR and visible light cam images but I'm not getting any depth
info. Also, pressing any of the buttons (save, start/stop) makes the application crash. Do you have any idea how to make it function again? I'm having the same issues with fernLightning's original version so I don't think it's any alterations you made in particular.

I'm hoping you'll find a way to
solve it, I love the plug-and-play simplicity of it compared to the processing implementations that have been written.

I am sad to announce that if the application will no longer work in 10.7 I cannot fix it. The source code is posted below. Hopefully someone with more experience than i will dig in and make it happen.

Hmm.. that's sad news.

I've done some more experimenting and I can actually get it to work for short amounts of time until it crashes. I don't know what caused it to suddenly work but hey, at least it's semi-useable now. I'm assuming it runs into some kind of buffer overrun after a while but I really have no idea.. I'll
try to debug it a little but well... like you say, we need a real programmer :) Do you have any idea what causes it to crash in the first place?

I was able to compile and run this on Lion with the new Xcode. i THINK all I had to do was drag in the 10.7 version of the OpenGL framework and add the line:

import "OpenGL.framework/Headers/gl.h"

into GLProgram.m

But I can't figure out how to properly set a release target and have it make the .app etc so I can upload it. If someone wants to help, I'd be happy to share my screen or be a virtual helper ;) richard AT richardgoodwin DOT com

Ok I figured out how to build properly, and had someone test it on Lion and Snow Leopard and it seems to work. Let me know how you want me to help return the files. I could make a derivative but I'd rather you have the correct files all in this Thing. :)

Hey can you please help. Im running lion and cant save. How did you solve it/Can i have the new edited app?

Since I'm not sure what to do from a licensing standpoint, can you mail me things (at) http://richardgoodwin.comrichardgoodwin.com ? I'll have to remember what I did :)

If you can send me the new app that would be awsome! =-O

amazing thanks!

it would be great if you could add a "record" button, so that one could move the camera around an object and map all of its surface!, then (in any 3d editing softw) cut away the trash and have the model of the object!!!

Just like the kinect people did (see link below)


Yes. I have also seen this and would love to see this implemented. That would take a ton of calculations and some very amazing algorithms that i am just not smart enough to implement, but i definitely encourage the community to dive in and make it happen.

Cheers :)

Re. the license to release the code under, if you look in Robert Pointon's original zip file, he has a notes.txt file that states that the license is "the same as https://github.com/OpenKinect/libfreenect/https://github.com/OpenKinect/..."

From https://github.com/OpenKinect/libfreenect/blob/master/README.asciidochttps://github.com/OpenKinect/... you get to pick either APACHE 2.0 or GPL 2.0.

@Clothbot: Awesome! Thanks for doing the leg work. :)

Ill post the code as i have it at this point. Please no judging my coding habits! :P
What i'd like to add is multiple Kinect Sensor support, but i have not completely figured that out.


To do multiple Kinect sensors, see if there's a way to selectively enable/disable the IR pattern projector element. If you can do that, it should be easy to cleanly gather data without the kinects interfering with each other.

Thats right. The problem is that i am not the best programmer. The kinect programming was completed by FernLightning. I only modded the code to create the File export and tweaked the interface to allow for certain additional control like depth limits and time delay. In order to activate multiple kinects the core libraries would need to be modified to handle multiple sensors as well as modify the OpenGl display to properly display the sensors at different angles or rotational offset. This could prove to be a difficult challenge. :)

I found the part in the code that prevents multiple sensors from opening, and im able to modify this to allow multiple instances of the application to open and display both kinect sensor data, but this still presents the problem of combining the data and creating a single mesh.

acording to your describtion this program work with the mac osx. I use a diffent type of computer and i am not interested in spending alot of money on another computer. will this program work with other platforms or is it only compatible with the mac osx.

This specific application is OSX only. Search online for 'Kinect 3D Scanner' and you will find kinect solutions for all platforms. There are even processing libraries. You don't have to spend lots of money on a new computer, just a few minutes with google should get you up and running. ;)

This application is nice because the drivers are encapsulated. This makes the kinect plug-n-play.

really nice app. i'm curious if you've tried printing any of these meshes? i've found that the most difficult part is making a manifold object from the surface, but maybe there's an easy way to do it?

I can process the file into skeinforge and it works just fine. They come out with manifoldness, but there are still some bugs to work out. For now you must load into meshlab and resave as STL. Maybe even take the time to clean duplicate vertices/faces. (this just forces Meshlab take a look at all faces)

If anyone out there has experience with creating Binary STL, let me know. I have been working on the binary format more then the other formats as it's the most used extension and much smaller file size then ASCII version.

UMM... I tried to start the application and I just got a little popup telling me that I can't run this cocoa application this version of Mac OS X. I am running verison 10.5.8. Does this app work on 10.6 only? BTW Great work finally I don't need XCode!

Yes, this is compiled for Mac OS 10.6. Sorry the code uses certain bits of code that won't compile for previous versions of the OS. If i can get ahold of the original creatori will see if they can fix this.

That would be really awesome! :) Because I have wanted to kinect 3d scan but my OS is hatin on me. :'(

Maybe you should add a few second delay. Thatway ever model doesn't look like you ckicling the mouse...

cocoaKinectDelay.zip: Now contains a slider for a delay. It allows for 0 to 10 Second delay. Its crude, but it works. Its simply a command that sleeps the application for X amount of seconds then continues to take the snapshot after it awakes.

Good idea, but i barely managed to get this far. :) Ill see what i can manage and add a delay or some sort of slider to choose delay in the future mod.

Im relatively new to Cocoa and i stumbled for hours and hours before finally arriving at what you see here. fernLightning did an awesome job!

The one with my arms crossed was taken by using my feet to click. Heh