Elna Pro 5 DC Serger Presser Bar Lifter

by UechiMike May 2, 2013
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Hi Mike,
I have a cracked presser bar lifter for an Elna 683 serger. I can’t find the part anywhere. If I send you my part, could you make me one? I’m getting desperate. I only use this serger to make baby blankets when someone needs one, and two friends need one shortly. I’ve considered glueing it back together but not sure that would be strong enough. I would be more than happy to pay you for your time and any related expenses and of course postage. What do you think? Thanks, Bonnie

I PM'd you. Could you post a pic of the part next to a ruler? We'll go from there. For all I know it might even be the same part (ELNA shared the same par on many models). There's also an image with dimensions (in mm) in the thing above. If they match PM me and I can get your shipping info.

I printed this part out for my daughter. She just tried it and says it's perfect. Said it slides on nice and tight without needing any adhesive or the metal insert that the original part had. She has had to replace hers with expensive new parts twice before so I'll print a few more and send them to her so she has them on hand just in case.

Nice job on the design! Now she can use her machine again.

Glad the part worked out for you! This makes around 10 machines this part has repaired!

Hi there,
Thank you. I will find out this week. I'm not an expert so will bring along your message with the details and take it from there.
Thank you for your help Meg

Hi thank you for getting back to me so quickly, that's very kind of you. I would d be more than happy to pay for postal charges, but if its no trouble, it would be great if somebody in the UK could help
I'm based in Edinburgh, in Scotland thanks


It looks like someone at the public library in Edinburgh should be able to help you out.

"Every public library service in Scotland now has a 3D printer available for public use."

Which is absolutely fantastic. If you head in there and ask I'm sure you'll find someone willing to help you out! The 3D printing community is pretty great.

I printed min in ABS since it holds up a little better to the shock than PLA - but it somewhat depends on what printers they have there and what materials they have on hand. A nylon copolymer would probably work ok as well. Ask them to print a couple for you and if another one breaks you'll have a spare.

Hi there,
I wanted to update on this part. My library printed a few of these for me, but they dont fit my model of Elna. The hole is too small in diameter to fit over the metal rod/lever which controls the presser foot.
i was wondering if there were any way to modify the printed part to fit the rod?
Thank you

This should be a really tight fit. It does take some effort to push it on. If you don't have the same exact model there's not much I can do as I took the measurements off the Elna Pro DC 5. If you have some calipers to measure the part on your machine I can see about modifying it. In the meantime I have uploaded the original OpenScad model to Thingiverse. If you bring your Elna and the OpenScad file to someone at the library who knows OpenScad they should be able to modify it with a larger hole with minimal effort. The line that creates the hole is:


This was meant to be a very tight fit - printing it loose does not work well as there is not metal spring clip to hold it on.

I'm pulling the OpenScad model - it's been a while since I used OpenScad and I had to dig through my archives to find it - so I'm not 100% sure on it's accuracy. Instead I am uploading a Solidworks part as well as a "new" version. This prints with exact tolerances on my new Prusa i3 and the dimensions in the cad file match the measured dimensions on the machine. It should press on with a tight fit. This new cad file differs from the original by ~ 0.3 mm on the hole size - which is about half a noodle + margin on my ToM which I printed the original design on. My Prusa does not need this additional margin.

Hi, I wonder if it would be possible to get one of these presser feet for my overlocker, same model. Mine just snapped in half - it is quite old and has just snapped.
Like the other person, I have found the cost of replacement pretty high and, I am in the UK, the postage added has been inflated.
If this would be possible, I would be very grateful and will cover all costs and a thankyou payment.
Incidentally, Are the attachments on here the actual print file for the object?
Best wishes

The STL file that is here should be able to be printed by anyone across the pond. With 3D printing being so popular now it's entirely possible that someone at your local library, high school or university could print one out for you. The amount of plastic used is so small they likely would do it for you for free (as would I) - I just don't want to charge you postage to ship international from the US or I would (shipping would likely cost more than ordering through a service like shapeways or 3Dhubs ($5-10 for the part to be printed + shipping). If you tell me which city you are in I could reach out to the community and see if there is someone nearby that can do it for you.

I don't have a 3-d printer, have had to replace 2 of these now, I'm really tired of the junk their charging over $20 for.

My wife has an Elna Pro 5 E serger that she really enjoys. (other than this part continually breaking)

If you would contact me: bhclads at yahoo dot com

I'd be thrilled to send you funds for plastic and shipping.



Just wanted to say thanks! You saved the day when I was able to get this printed for my better half's 25 year old Elna Pro 4

Is there anyway I can get one from you, as mine broke off too?