Rubik's Cuboid 1x1x2 - One Piece

by SpaceIntruders May 15, 2015
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I'm new to 3D printing. Tried a few easy things, and had great luck, so I decided to try this. I must have overheated my filament, because the whole structure melted together in the middle. Tried to turn it, and nothing. I used a small clamp to try to get a little leverage on it after about ten minutes trying to turn it by hand. Once it started moving, I noticed it went off axis... drat, broke it! Maybe I need to cool the nozzle or maybe I just need better filament.

Tried lower nozzle temperature and then again with premium filament with still no luck getting the joint to free without breaking. I also tried again with the better filament and recommended temperature, which, the first time, looked great externally, but, the second time around, I tried prying the support out of the hole directly, once a normal amount of force didn't free it. The tip of the support broke, but the rest of it stayed inside. It must be something more fundamental with my support settings or maybe I just have horrible luck.

You're printing at 0.2mm or smaller, with no supports? What filament are you using? I printed this one in PLA.

I have only tried PLA so far. The first filament I tried looked like it printed messily and seemed like it was coming out of the nozzle too liquid-y, so I lowered the temperature, but then it was too stringy, so I ultimately switched to a different brand (Eryone). The Eryone filament was ten times better than the off-brand.

I'm going to guess that this is the stupid question of the day, but is the support for the joint built into the model already? If so, that's where I went wrong. Since I had my slicer add supports, it's probably too much support.

Correct, you have to print ~without~ supports, the model is designed for that. If you have your slicer add supports, that will fill the inner space that is needed to turn the cube.

Yeah, you did say that in your description, too, didn't you? Not sure how I didn't catch that.

Haha, yeah, but no worries. Hope the next print works!

It's been a ride. After some successful prints and then a whole bunch of failed prints, I determined that my printer's mother board was the source of many problems. I replaced it with a new motherboard and got back on track. I think it might work now, but I also have some suspicion that the filament I am using is more bendy and less brittle than average. I have been having a heck of a time with rafts and supports refusing to turn loose. I can bend them back and forth dozens of times and they are still sticking to my prints. When I watch videos of people online removing their supports, they seem to simply snap off. I've tried treating my filament with desiccant and a little heat.

Anyway, I think that these cheaper filaments might just be lower modulus than the good stuff, and that might be a big contributing factor.

How do you solve this? It seems pretty hard.

made one with no rafts and worked perfectly.

hey! printed this out at my library just now, but im having problems twisting it first time. any tips?

There is a small support piece that goes out from a hole. Just twist the cube firmly to break the support piece, then remove it and it should work.