Case for Arduino Mega R3 and RAMPS 1.4

by iPa64 May 16, 2015
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I think there is a face missing on the inside of the right side mesh. Great model otherwise!

what size fan is it designed for?

Sorry that was a long time ago, I forgot.
But I thing it was for a 50mm holes 40mm
If you look below, someone made one for 40mm fan

I like that all panels are modular and one can customize based on this design. Nice work!

Ottimo lavoro, proprio quello che cercavo, complimenti.

Thank you so much. I just made this today to finish off my Da Vinci Pro Ramps Conversion. I have placed it at the back of the printer so not on display but made things look so much better.

Thank you very much for this great thing. The pieces perfectly fit together.
Finally a good housing for the ramps with enough space for the cables.
But I have one suggestion : would you be able to cut some holes into the backplate for mounting the case directly to the original mounting points in the frame?

Hi, thanks
Unfortunately this thing was made with Sketchup, and I not use Sketchup anymore. Now I'm using Freecad because it' a parametric editor. But you should find the source file for Sketchup included (.skp) so should be able to mod this thing.

This case is a work of art. Even better, it's also functional!

Thank You

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Sorry, I forgot !
But I know that someone remix a top plate for 40mm fan which are more common

Ramps Case Lid 40mm Fan - Arduino Mega R3 and Ramps 1.4

What size fan does this use?

The panel with the Arduino reset hole has no thickness. So i cant slice it. This "thing" worked for me some weeks ago, but now i want to reprint it, but the panel seems to be canged and does no longer work.

I did a remix for the Arduino Mega 2560 board.


Arduino Mega 2560 parts for iPa64 RAMPS 1.4 case

Nice work!!
Is it possible for you to upload the cad files

Yes, I have added the sketchup file

Works well with the Folger Tech 2020 i3 components. The hardware store I went to ran out of 3mm screws and didnt have any 3mm nuts so I opt out for some standard pan head #4 x 1/2" screws and nuts. Works perfect. The top lid where the fan mounts onto, I didnt bolt down. The fit is tight enough to where I can just wedge the lid on. I'll post pics. Thanks!

Printed, and got it work with 10mm hardware was a little short but it did work. I only had a 80mm fan laying around so i had to remix the top. nice design. Appreciate you sharing your design.

Hi, thanks for your feedback

Thanks, I printed it out and it looks nice (everything lines up) now I'm just waiting on China to send me the nuts/screws lol. In 2 months I will let you know how it went.

8mm or 10mm length fit well

What hardware did you use besides the parts. I know it's M3 for the nut but what about the bolt length?