Oblivion Defender Drone!!

by BrandonW6 May 3, 2013
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Now the only thing you need is for it to make those cool drone sounds it made in the movie...

Could you make a file where the whole drone is one model.

I downloaded all the files and found that the right half is corrupted and is broken for me so i tried downloading just that one alone and still had no luck so i made the other half from a mirror image of the left side in blender

Will it make sounds and move too?

I have started printing parts, but I wander:
How is the Linkage printed ? It has free hanging top ring section.
Any suggestions ?


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Great project.
I saw the movie for the 4th time yesterday and still amazed. Will start printing this one soon.
Anybody put the parts of a webcam in it already ?


Hi, I'm just starting my print, and started with the main body Left, but when I open Main body right in Makerbot, the object is black. with no real details.

Well, I just opened it in ReplicatorG, and it looks fine. I guess I'll do the other half in that.


This thing is totally cool

Run it through Cloud Netfabb and it fixes it.

Great build :-) I am impressed how the parts snap together!

this will too then :) will post it soon! i modelled it for a game and am converting it for printing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLePQzPJy6s&list=UU67sLjQT2Fd7I-MWrvYZHvghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?...

This might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen ;) KSP + Oblivion w/ 3d printed models to boot? I'm in heaven! Thanks for sharing the awesomeness!

This is super cool! Thank you!

hey Brandon. I'm a huge Oblivion fan and I have a resin drone I'm building and I want to combine a few of your parts to this model. Can you scale up your pieces? Also I don't have a printer so would you be interested in printing one for me. Just let me know how much. I also want to add some of the upgrades from techno bill

How do you guys print the linkage without support, i tried but the briding is ugly and im afraid it will show when assembled

great design!
my print failed near the end 90% :(
will start tomorow again with it.

can you tell me, what software do you using for designing it?

Wow, very very very cool !!
(I am bust drawing up a bubble ship. If it is possible to make it printable I will post it here)

Thank you for your answer, I thought at a price to 100 € more or less if you can, then of course there would be more in shipping, I live in Italy. Thanks for asking, I will wait your news bye.


hello, I'm sorry but I wanted to ask if you could make one for me, because I love it, I would have it, I could not find anywhere, and I do not have a makerbot, of course I can pay if it is not excessive spending, I could assemble and color it myself if it is a problem, and if you do, thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Brandon, your drone is amazing!! Now I'm printing one. thanks.

This is really cool ! (if not to say "geil")
Somehow The
Main-Body-right is not properly recognized by Makerware. Slicing only
possible via Skeinforge. Same happens if I open Main-Body-left in a CAD,
mirror and save.

Thats strange. I used replicatorG to mirror Main Body left into Main Body right and I used skeinforge to slice it. Are you getting any sort of errors? Have you tried running it through netfabb?

I had the same with it in the printer/slicer software of the UP! Mini. I think the faces were just inverted, nothing else..

Yeaah, with Skeinforge works. With makerware-slicer it generates only the two start stripes for the nozzle-filing.

Same for me, slicing with repG works better.

This is awesome :)

Can you please post the original file? .

Awww you should totally do the bubble ship. This is totally sick though, its printing as I type.

Maybe i'll attempt the bubbleship sometime, but its too bad I cannot print the bubble in clear plastic.


It's great to see a such an intricate design that uses just plastic for the coloring. :)

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!