Indispensable Dispenser

by Erazmataz May 17, 2015
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Hello, I am interested in buy this design to sell impresions. Please contact me todo3dcol@gmail.com

Nice design, works very well
Is it possible to get scad oder step or other data beside stl?

Kind regards Tim

you should make a bigger one for red solo cups

I think it is more foodsafe when you print it with tested PETG.

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looks good but doesn't work in real life. some shots always fill faster/more than others.

the upper hole should be smaller, as it is now, depending where the stream of liquid you're puring ends in the upper concavity, you end up with one glass filling faster than the others .-.

You can see in the video, the rightmost glass filing way slowlier than the one on its left

awesome my man/woman!!

Thank for designing this. worked great!! One suggestion would be to have the inside be more concave as to limit filament lag. There are a bunch of straggler filament stings hanging on the top of the inside. But again all in all GREAT!!!

Nice design, but i was wondering if this would be food grade safe in pla?

It is safe, but if you want to sell it you have to print it with especial hotend

The amounts of contaminants that would be in the end drink are trivial. at best

Depends on how often you use this and how agressive alcohol is to certain PLA / ABS / PETG / TPU. If you do this non-colored PETG is probably the safest choice short of using filament that ist explicitly rated food save.

I like that idea of dispensing!

Could anyone customize this model with only 4 outlets?

Yes, PETG. The Chemical Compatibility Guide from Cornell University shows that PETG exposed to Ethanol (40%) at 20˚C (68˚F) shows "little or no damage after 30 days of constant exposure."

Source: http://sevierlab.vet.cornell.edu/resources/Chemical-Resistance-Chart-Detail.pdf (3rd page, last row)

I like your design, I haven't seen it before i was making my design. Perhapes a little bit overengeneered someone said to my version.
I have made a version for just 4 with glasses. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1891750 .

Drinking for 4
by squiqui

Hi ! How do you print it in 3h ?? Using slic3r and running on new MakerGear M2 now, tooks me about 12h !

I just wouldn't gamble with your health for such a 5-minute joy thing. There is a lot of DIY science below in the comments and anywhere else on the net, but i would say, go with what the government's food&health organisation says about things you eat and drink (from). They test everything very extensive. If you REALLY want to use this model then send it to some CNC place and let them mill it from stainless steel or so.

PLA plastic is proven food safe so if you are printing this, print it in PLA plastic

I highly doubt that, especially as there is no singular or pure "PLA" in filament, but hundreds of different PLA-Mixes with ingrediants you don't know anything about - from colors to softeners and many more additives the manufacturer tells you nothin gabout. I would not even print toys from PLA that young children would bite on or take in their mouthes or lick on. There are only some (expensive) Brand-PLAs that are in fact rated food save.
And then there is the problem of the uneven Surfaces and porosity where food residues can accumulate and get moldy.
Neither the materials nor the building process leads to food save products. 3D FDM with thermoplastics and food are a bad mix at best.

Are you joking? PLA is soluble in ethanol and this is a shot glass pourer.....

I think you mean PVA PLA will not dissolve and PVA will dissolve

The dangerous thing isn't PLA itself - its the contaminants in the print. Unless you're printing with very high quality PLA from a very reputable manufacturer, there is likely to be impurities in the filament that could contaminate your liquids. Even if you have pure PLA, many nozzles have traces of lead which make their way into the print and could cause damage.

There is almost certainly some amount of lead in the brass, but the amount that would end up in the the print, and the amount that would end up in the surface is so small as to be undetectable. The other things.. yeah.. not sure the stuff in the plastic is going to all be great. Contact time won't be much so it doesn't seem likely to be a major concern, but worth considering. The strength of the alcohol and potentially the acidity of the mixers may play an important roll.

I dub thee.... the shot-tu-puss

I dub thee.... the shot-tu-puss

I dub thee.... the shot-tu-puss

While PLA might be food safe according to some here... Don't forget that most common nozzle, even E3D ones have lead in them! And that's a big fat no no in food safety!

What parameters did you use to do in 3 h and 30 min? Without infill, it was 5h....in printer CoreXY

Hello all, just want to put it out there that pla is food safe, however most of the dyes in it arent usually. So natural is the way to go for safety.

is this food complaint?

wow! This thing is so cool!
I have a cheap knock off 3d printer and I have so much trouble with supports and getting things to print. I set this to print last night and woke up this morning and it is PERFECT! Thanks for sharing a support free, fun design!

LUuuuuUUUUUUlllzzzzz. Awesome.

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do you print as orientated on the thing? or do you flip and use support?

Just print as is. No support is needed on a standard 3D-printer.

Any one know the print settings used in the gcode?

I personally use an Ultimaker Original, but the orange PLA is printed on a MakerBot at work :-)
You can download the STL-files and slice it in Cura, ReplicatorG, MakerWare or another Slizer.

Print it with high width layer and high temperature so it is stronger and smoother (tiny layer width creates tiny imperfections) so its easier to clean and does not accumulate too much biological society inside.

I made it with 220º PLA and 0.3 layer width, low cooling ( around 35% directly focused )

I printed this using the first DrinksTapir file, but it printed without a bottom. Am I missing another piece?

You can download the STL-files and slice it in Cura, ReplicatorG, MakerWare or another Slicer.

How does this work when the table isn't perfectly level? does it fill them all equally? I was thinking you could add a small down tube in each glass, inside each a small plastic bb would slide up with the liquid and stop the flow so other shots could catch up. it probably wouldn't seal but it would at least let the others have majority of the flow.

PLA itself is food safe, but the pigments in it (red & black in your case) do not have any food safety information, which is generally the concern with PLA.

Go translucent PLA or T-Glase.

Also 3d printed parts are very porous and have lots of tiny crevices to harbor bacterial/mold growth. With alcohol it isn't so much as a problem but it is very difficult to clean thoroughly.

http://uppi.com/plastic-packaging-products/materials-for-packaging/pla-plastic/ (visited 21.05.2015)

PLA is a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources such as the starch found in corn. ... Commonly, PLA is used for thermoformed applications in the food industry, but is increasing in popularity for the retail industry.

PLA: Polylactic Acid

•Strength – low impact capacity and brittle
•Alcohol and water resistant
•Recyclable – compatible with existing recycling systems, can be composted, landfilled and incinerates easily

Commons Forms:
•Disposable tableware i.e. cups for cold beverages, carry-out containers, eating utensils
•Deli containers
•Fruit and vegetable trays
•Packaging for refrigeration and deep freezing

Men gælder det også når det er sprøjtet ud på den måde det nu en gang er? Behandlingsprocessen er ikke den samme, og der er en masse riller hvor i svampedannelse kan ske, hvis ikke den renses godt nok?
Jeg har INGEN anelse omkring om det kunne være et problem, jeg spørger kun ;)

Men fed idé Tim :D! (chr M's ven)

Sorry to be a party pooper, but plastic and alcohol are a very unhealthy combination. Don't use this kids unless you want toxic plastic polymers inside you.

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...They sell alcohol in plastic bottles....just sayin

Beer is about 5% alcohol. Spirits on the other hand are about 40% and you wont be seeing that sold in plastic bottles.

There are 90% spirits sold in plastic..


80 proof, so 40%, sold in plastic bottle, their are plenty of spirits that come in plastic bottles, look down the next time your at liquor store, you'll see em

ABS and PLA are not food safe / drink safe.

Natural (dye-less) PLA is perfectly safe. Any dyes used may not be though.

You can't wash it after use thoroughly tho. Lots of cracks/crevices for bacteria to grow and multiply. Temperatures high enough to kill them will damage the print.

So, possibly ok as a single shot (pardon the pun) use, but dispose of after that.

Bacteria in alcohol? In the past they used spirits to clean wounds... an, in fact... if alcohol rins thougt this thing, water would also ...